The much-anticipated song of this month namely “Mafe Ade3 Bi” with slogan “Anadwo Kooko”  written by JOEY CARTER and featured by KWEKU SNYPER which was produced by Dee-Tutu from the the Mic Burners camp is set to be released midnight tonight.


This song is mainly about an undying love which the character created by the artiste has for a certain girl, we dont know what kind of love they both share but in the song he mostly talked about her letting him inside her room so they can “do the do” only Joey Carter knows what he wants to do to her 😀 .


Kweku Snyper, the featured rapper also did the beat justice and gave his mind on what he would do to the girl when she lets them in. I cannot disclose anymore content from the beautiful love song, its a must listen!!!!!! you should remove the wax from your ears cuz this will be the banger of the century.!!


you should watch this space for more details!!

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