Maeve Kelley Is A Raged Broken Hearted Girl On “Got Away”

Maeve Kelley Is A Raged Broken Hearted Girl On “Got Away”

Talented American singer, Maeve Kelley has shared her awful experience after a break up on “Got Away”.

“Got Away” was created after a breakup when she was 17, and it pours with all the unparalleled sorrow and wrath of a distraught adolescent desperate for karmic vengeance.

Got Away scolds an ex-lover, ominously stating that “someday, you’re gonna regret the way you treated me.”

Five years later, she had the opportunity to record and co-produce it at Atlantic Records Studios with Juan Fleischer, a long-time partner. Paul Bailey mixed it, while John Greenham, a Grammy winner, mastered the song.

Got Away is a high-octane rock album fueled by repetitive guitars and powerful drumlines. Hundreds of voice stacks and strings are added in as the song continues, inviting listeners to scream-sing along.

Maeve wanted to experiment with the traditionally romantic/nostalgic cultural idea of “the one who got away” both lyrically and musically with this song by moving it into a new setting that seems more like naval combat than a fantasy. Listen to it below.

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