Maeva Fischer Unlocks New Single ‘Les Sunlights Des Tropiques’

Maeva Fischer‘s mother and both sets of grandparents are based in Paris during Maeva’s childhood. Her early life is filled with music, particularly jazz and soul, thanks to her mother’s musician friends, with whom she spends a lot of time in concert and in the studio. Jazz and soul were particularly influential on her musical development.

However, she has to put her passion on hold for a considerable amount of time so that she may complete her medical education and raise a family.

At the Curie Institute, Maeva pursues a career as a radiologist and eventually becomes an expert in breast cancer imaging. She is a remarkable woman who has given birth to six children.

Not only does her day-to-day existence load her down with duties, but the terrible death of her mother is also a driving force behind her desire to write as a kind of true catharsis.

In 2019, she penned her first titles, and the following year, in 2020, she made the decision to publish them on social media platforms in order to reach a larger audience outside her immediate family.

In response to a major craze, particularly on Instagram, Maeva makes the decision to take things further by incorporating music into her job as well as her mother’s week activities.

In January 2021, an album titled “7 Panoramas” was published. These releases were also accompanied by clips, and the public received all of these releases quite positively.

Maeva will introduce his works to his audience over the course of Lives as well as during a number of sequences set in Paris.

Following many months of writing and composing, Maeva Fischer presents us with a highly successful album consisting of thirteen tracks, some of which are titled “Ringard,” “Put them straight,” and “10:22 pm.”

The new album by Maeva is a representation of her life and the memorable encounters that she is able to have, which are brought to life in the album’s titles. Every day, Maeva attends a number of meetings.

So many life experiences to draw from for songwriting, between her career as a radiologist, her status as a woman, and her career as a musician. These snippets of life, both humorous and profound, have been jotted down on paper for some time before being transformed into songs.

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