Madeline Rosene Premieres ‘The Kill’ Featuring Dante Juhkel

Madeline Rosene is a singer, songwriter, and composer best known for her lyrical caustic wit, irreverent humour, and willingness to cross and rethink genres in her music. Her music is classified as “indie pop-n-roll.”

Just a few short weeks before the 2019 worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, Rosene published her first album, titled “Raised On Porn.”

The album discusses battling phoniness as well as navigating relationships in Los Angeles as a millennial while being aware of the fact that this generation was the first to be raised with rising rates of cosmetic surgery, excessively photoshopped images, sugar-dating, internet pornography, social media, and dating apps.

Rosene’s thoughts on the rising difficulties for people to really connect with one another due to society’s growing push to depersonalise, plugin, and build your avatar are reflected in the title of the album, which speaks to Rosene’s beliefs on the subject.

The title of Madeline Rosene’s album, Everyday Existential Crisis, should have been a hint that the album would have a number of unexpected twists and turns, as well as a combination of musical styles and a healthy dose of experimentation.

The Kill is one of two songs on the album that experiment with and are successful in using elements of electro-pop and hip-hop.

The Kill demonstrates Rosene’s ability to totally switch gears and plunge into contemporary, almost futuristic, and shamelessly dark pop. While many of Rosene’s songs have a jazzy, nostalgic sound, The Kill demonstrates her ability to switch gears entirely.

The Kill is a vengeful, deep, driving, and dangerously infectious track that features and was produced by Dante Juhkel, a composer and producer who is swiftly rising in the music industry.

Because Rosene and Juhkel have contributed such wonderful rhyming schemes to this song, we can anticipate that it will be one of the most well-liked tracks on the album. Her music has been aired on radio stations all across the world and in the United States, including stations in every state.

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