Maddy Storm Stuns With Ep “Forced Extrovert”

Boundary-breaking Maddy Storm, a multi-talented artist living in Manchester, has just released her first EP, titled “Forced Extrovert.” Several of Maddy’s recent releases, like “Last Resort” and “Dizzying Heights,” have been met with critical acclaim.

Maddy was raised in a little hamlet in Cheshire, but she always dreamed of big things, so she decided to pursue a career in either painting or music at Goldsmiths. She grew up in a musical household, where her mother often serenaded the family with her voice. Maddy wants to change the definition of producer by demonstrating that she can create successful pop music on her own as a woman.

Maddy’s six-song EP, “Forced Extrovert,” which she wrote, recorded, and produced in her room, demonstrating that she is creating a fantastic and distinct niche for herself within the realm of pop music. This ep is another shining example of Maddy’s no-holds-barred attitude, with songs ranging from edgy modern hyper-pop (“Backhanded”) to beautiful ballads with a sensitive centre “Natural Disaster”.

Being noticed in the modern world of pop music is difficult, but for Maddy Storm, it’s as easy as locking herself in her room and whipping out a masterpiece. In every context, “Forced Extrovert” is certain to sound like a harmonic treasure. There are a lot of people watching Maddy’s career right now, and after hearing this release, I can understand why.

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