Lyzzie Outdoors Her Latest Single ‘IJWYD’

Lyzzie is an indie pop musician from Toronto, Canada, known for her sinister take on the genre. Lyzzie incorporates her own one-of-a-kind lyrical content and melodies into her music, which is influenced by powerful female artists such as The CHVRCHES and Billie Eilish.

The many struggles she has had with her own mental health and the ways in which she has developed into the person she is now being reflected in the lyrics of each song she has written. Lyzzie has high expectations that she will be able to connect with other people via her music and words, particularly those who may be experiencing the same feelings.

Her mission is to use music, which she believes to be a potent therapeutic tool, to make as many people as she can feel that they are not as alone in their feelings and experiences.

Lyzzie always found herself penning songs and making up gymnastics routines that she would perform for everyone in her family, even when she was petite. She was a gymnast who competed at the national level and trained for 40 hours a week, yet she still managed to find time to sing whenever she could.

Her gymnastics career was cut short when, at the age of 11, she suffered a serious injury to her neck. On the other hand, there was a bright side to the accident that she was in. Because she had so much spare time, she decided to develop her creative side via the medium of music and look for chances to perform live. From that moment on, she was completely certain that the stage was where she was supposed to be.

She also discovered that music was an excellent medium for her to convey her feelings and the things that she had been through. She had a great deal of struggle with her mental health as she got older. Lyzzie found that creating her songs helped her to deal with the challenges she was facing.

In the song “IJWYD,” Lyzzie faces her anguish as she travels along the path of self-discovery and self-love (I Just Want You Dead).

A grown man fell in love with me when I was in high school. I’ve felt a lot of conflicting emotions surrounding this relationship. I’ve felt disgusted and anger but also heartbreak and betrayal.

The song’s lyrics are about the things she wanted to speak to him about at the time but was unable to.

The song “IJWYD” will be included in her forthcoming debut EP. Each line is genuine to her and her situation, whether it be about being on the point of having a mental breakdown and not wanting to tell anybody, about having relationships that are self-centered, or about being taken advantage of.

Every line is genuine to both her and her life experience. There is a lot of excitement around Lyzzie’s upcoming release, and she just cannot wait to perform her songs and let everyone hear her lyrics.

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