Lucy Clue Shares Her Debut Single ‘In Your Eyes’

An independent musician of Italian and German ancestry, Lucy Clue chases her goals and manages them all by herself.

Her great-grandmother used to sing every night in front of her bed to help her go asleep when she was a child. When she was a child, she often worried about the song’s words before going to sleep, and this was the beginning of her love for music.

She liked singing and was always a part of school choruses, Music Academies, and Musical Academies. As a result, she learned how to put together choirs, and she’s used this technique in many of my compositions.

Lucy Clue Shares Her Debut Single 'In Your Eyes'
Lucy Clue Shares Her Debut Single ‘In Your Eyes’

There isn’t in this one, but there are plenty more to come. Lucy became a huge admirer of Michael Jackson when she was a youngster, and she hasn’t stopped since. His music had a profound effect on her as a youngster.

Rapper, singer, and composer, she began rhyming when she was only 11 years old. During lunch, her 14-year-old classmates began singing her songs.

She draws inspiration for her songs from her own life and the lives of a select group of close friends. If she has the right musical backing, she can write a song about just about anything.

She has no qualms about standing out for the rights of women and children, as well as for the virtues of integrity, openness, and self-worth. A voyage of self-love, a strong attitude, heartache, failure and lessons to learn will be taken from her songs. The naked truth will also be found in her lyrics.

Her first song as a professional artist, “In Your Eyes,” was released this year but she was never pleased with the results of mixing of her songs in other studios so she was motivated in the past few years to build her own studio, which she has now completed.

In her song “In Your Eyes” she speaks about the most private thing two people can share, but she attempted to make the words symbolically lovely, beautiful, and radio-friendly while she was writing them.

When it comes to English or German subjects at school, Lucy aids students with individual lessons when she isn’t working.

While not working, she enjoys dancing, psychology, spending time with friends and family, learning languages, and travelling to new places.

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