Lucia D – Ibrahim (feat. Habib Farroukh)

Lucia D – Ibrahim (feat. Habib Farroukh)

An acoustic travel smooth Lucia, a verified 20-year-old artist, only appears on stage, in an intimate setting, accompanied by her guitar or the piano, which she learned at the conservatory. She performs her own works in French, Italian, and Spanish, for which she created the text. She is also of the times in Icelandic and English. Her songs feed his YouTube channel and have earned his the Jury Place at the UPEM Springboard 2019 and the first prize at the Micro gold 2017.

We find in her compositions her rigorous classical training (classical piano, reading music, ear music, technical lyric song), her pop/folk training through her creations (game, guitar, composition, writing…), and her training for the professions of her record (models, sound reinforcement for concerts, etc.).

Her compositions and languages, whether distant or fictitious, engage you on a musical voyage. In Germany, she performed at Sofar Sounds Aachen and Paris. “Amiam,” her new album, was recorded at her great-childhood grandmother’s house, which was converted into a studio for the occasion. Lucia D. wrote, composed, and interpreted the piece.

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