Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses – Hey Skinny Santa (JD McPherson Cover)

Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses - Hey Skinny Santa (JD McPherson Cover)

Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses – Hey Skinny Santa (JD McPherson Cover)

Louis Prima Jr. is the only son and youngest child of musician and entertainer Louis Prima. In 1962, his mother, Gia Maione, began performing with his father. She began teaching Louis Jr. to play the drums when he was five years old.

When the Prima family relocated to New Orleans, Johnny began studying piano. His aunt, Sister Mary Ann, taught him to play the piano, and he rapidly mastered it. The family moved into the home that his father had constructed for his mother on Pretty Acres Golf Course in Covington, Louisiana, but soon discovered that the house would have to be demolished owing to a termite infestation. The family returned to Las Vegas.

Prima took band class in school and informed his mother he wanted to play the trumpet. He continued to perform throughout high school and credits his band directors, Bruce Cullings and William “Mac” McMosley, with being key inspirations in his life. They marched in the Fiesta Bowl and Sun Bowl, as well as competing in the Chaffey Jazz Festival’s Heavy Division. The Witnesses, led by Louis Prima Jr., are bringing Prima music into the twenty-first century. Not satisfied to sit on the legacy they so zealously defend, LPJ and the band are following in his father’s footsteps by howling “Prima-Style” for the future.

With The Wildest Show this side of the 1960s, the band offers new energy and a modern attitude to the public. Team Prima has played everywhere from Seattle to Palermo, from small clubs to performing arts centres, from casino showrooms to music festivals, and from Access Hollywood Live to PBS since their breakthrough performance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (aka Jazz Fest). If you’ve seen them live, you’ll have a good idea of what to anticipate from the musical brains of Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses. Their recordings (“Blow” and “Return Of The Wildest”) are as exuberant and over-the-top as their live concerts, and they continue the ever-changing musical adventure that Prima Sr. began in the 1930s.

Their upcoming third album (due out in early 2022) was produced once again by Warrior Records president Jim Ervin and Louis Prima Jr. at Capitol Records in Studio B, where Prima Sr. recorded his successes of the 1950s and 1960s. The first release is a holiday song called “Hey Skinny Santa!” that will also appear as a bonus tune on the new 2022 album. The evident joy that the band had making it masks the gravity of the song, and the band can’t wait for you to hear it!

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