Los Angeles Buzzing Artist Jay Guernon Returns With A Relatable Single Entitled ‘Demon Time’

LA-based pop musician Jay Guernon defies the trend by leading with his new tune “Demon Time ”.

Pop music has long been one of his favourite genres, and he was born in Arkansas. Pop music has been identified by both Jay and the responses from his audience as the musical style that best suits his talents and interests, now that he has experimented with a variety of styles.

Jay Guernon’s objective is to empower listeners to follow their aspirations by taking the largest step toward a better future – prioritizing their health.

The fact that Jay has made the conscious decision to lead a sober life is something that a lot of people are unaware of. Guernon is carving out his own path in the business, one song at a time, free from the effects of drugs or alcohol.

In the song “Demon Time,” the themes of sexual temptation and the resolve we feel when we’re so obsessed with a certain person that we’ll do everything to be with them are discussed.

The song “Demon Time” embodies the spirit of the song “No night but tonight” by combining hip-hop and mainstream pop melodies in the ideal proportions. High intensity from front to back, Guernon’s latest CD retains that nostalgic summer atmosphere that fans will be seeking as we inch closer to the Fall months.

In the song “Demon Time” Jay Guernon, who has a significant influence on the creative management of his music, collaborates with Kenny Barto, a producer who has won several awards. Kenny attributes his prosperous 18-year career to his unwavering commitment to creating music that is daring, musically rich, and emotionally engaging.

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