Locs Officially Outdoors D4TC From His ‘Arrival’ EP

One of the most well-known rappers from Atlanta, LOCS, has been pounding through the rap scene with the intention of reminding his listeners and admirers of how great and superior one may become with his lyrical aptness.

LOCS has found refuge in his art, which has maintained him an ocean away from his anxieties and uncertainties. He combines this poetic capacity with authentic and kosher music compositions.

This process of coming to terms with oneself continues on the album Arrival, on which LOCS incorporates his rapid-fire verbal skills, hooky loops, 808s, and guitar tracks into the meandering music he creates. Despite the fact that his rhyming style has not changed, he sounds refreshed on these tunes that were created.

The spotlight is on “D4TC” which features cheerful drum programming and hooky synth accents as its primary musical components. It starts off with the primary hook, which is a swaying synth that pulls you right into the song without wasting any time at all.

The 808 then kicks in, with a combination of hi-hats, recalling the sound of old-school rap. LOCS then steps in and makes his presence known with his strong rapping. The percussion parts of the song keep it flowing smoothly towards wanting more of everything all the time.

It seems as if LOCS is dead set on stuffing his EP with information that would propel him to the top of the rap ladder. Each and every tune that he’s worked on connects to some humming nexus.

On a technical level, the performances that he does on LOCS songs represent one of the greatest examples of his career. The desire to create music of high quality is present, and this can be easily seen.

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