Lleoh Shares Her Latest Single ‘Evil’

One of the new female voices to emerge into the Danish music scene is Sarah Leonora Christensen, better known by her stage name Lleoh. Lleoh invited you into her musical cosmos with her ethereal voice and very personal creative lyrics.

A musical realm that inspires sorrow and introspection and deals with profound subjects, such as inner and outward difficulties and relationships in all of its aspects, suffering and love, which mirror the daydreamer that Lleoh is.

Lleoh’s identity as an artist portrays the exploratory and inquisitive person that lies dormant beneath the veneer. A home philosopher who enjoys daydreaming, art, and philosophical discussions are not afraid to go against the grain and build his own musical cosmos.

Musically, the sound is most at home in the urban pop genre, but it also incorporates Lleoh’s deep passion for R&B, Soul, Gospel, and Jazz music genres.
This ethereal and infectious pop/R&B ballad, titled “Evil,” sheds light on a facet of both the light and the evil that resides in each of us.

At the beginning of this year, revealed her music with the song “Weightless.” It served as the introduction to a musical realm that is cinematic, emotive, and mesmerizingly catchy all at the same time.

The tale of a young lady who has battled for a long time with personal issues was also recounted in ‘Weightless,’ and it was conveyed in a brutally honest manner. The foundation for this specific story was comprised of profound phrases such as forgiveness, human connections, thankfulness, and sadness. Evil picks off where Weightless left off in terms of the overarching narrative of the world.

Even in its darkest moments, Evil reveals the integrity of the Danish artist who created it. Being corrupted by malice and anger, giving in to the need for retribution and allowing it to consume you, and seeking “an eye for an eye,” are all characteristics of evil.

But the lyrics also represent a desire to let go of tranquilly and convey a personal viewpoint on the event and the challenges that were endured by the artist. Therefore, being evil is about having a strong sense of self-advocacy.

Lleoh demonstrates, via the publication of this music, that she does not allow herself to be affected by the popular scene. Instead, she strives to be uncompromising and only publishes music that she can personally vouch for.

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