Lirase Releases Debut EP The Dawn

Less than a month after making his debut with “Dark Ages,” Ghanaian musician Lirase drops his debut EP, The Dawn. The four-track mini-album was released on August 19 and came two weeks after releasing his second single, “Don’t Know.” 

The Dawn signifies a new journey for Lirase as a professional musician and a medical house officer. It also gives the listener a sneak peek into Lirase’s ideologies. The EP dwells on themes such as awakening to the light of higher consciousness, questioning reality and finding peace in the unknown, defining one’s fate and hustling to actualise one’s dreams.

With a passion for experimenting with sounds, Lirase fuses reggae, hip-hop, pop and afrobeats in The Dawn. The first singles, “Dark Ages” and “Don’t Know,” are a flawless blend of R&B, new wave synths with dream pop guitars, with the latter including elements of drums and fuzz rock ambience. For the new singles, “Grinding” and “Decide Your Fate,” Lirase opts for more upbeat tunes, infusing reggae and pop. 

Speaking about the EP, Lirase said, “This project has been years in the making, and it feels so great to finally share this with all of you. It officially marks the beginning of a journey that was started as far as my memory stretches and that will outlast my current form. To everyone who has believed and grown with me, I deeply appreciate you and you already know where we are heading.” 


Lirase was born in Sekondi to Ghanaian parents but is originally from Navrongo in the Upper East region of Ghana. At eight, his interest in learning how to play instruments led to his joining the school band as a drummer. He further joined the Poetry class to explore his writing tendencies but quit due to discouraging comments from the teacher. His love for creating music took a big turn when he tried to remake beats for hip-hop songs he liked. After downloading the music software, FL studio, and after a few trials, he created his first beat, which he used for his first official single, Teardrops, in 2013. The song was a fan favorite in secondary school, earning him a name amongst his peers. 

He joined a collective (KSFL) in 2013, releasing singles and ciphers. Lirase also created cover arts with the collective for two years before splitting up. As a solo act, he released a series of freestyles under the rap name Tonio before dropping his second single, Holy Ghost Fire, in 2018. 

A doctor by profession, Lirase has a knack for experimenting with sounds like scientific experiments. As a recording artist, he has the freedom to manipulate his sounds at his pace and will while aligning them with his chilly vocals.

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