Lil Moo-Nkunim Abotre feat Apya (Prod. ByApya).

Brand new one from Clinton Opoku “Lil Moo” Nkunim Abotre which literally means “Victory” or “Halos of Victory” and features Apya of Apya musik.

Nkunim Abotre is a Motivational song from the hit make of Pilolo which featured Luther.The song is about life and he projected the idea with a nice storyline to all friends who wouldn’t  lend a hand in your career but would be readily prepared to lend a helping hand when you make it to the top and start earning huge sums of money, and then getting nominated and winning numerous awards from different places.

He then switched to our daily life, where friends wouldn’t support you from the beginning of your life Journey to the extent  that some try to discourage you in the process.It comes to a point where if you dont have much in your bank account(Pauper) no one really wanna have anything to do with you,women turn dow your proposals and the saddest past is when your junior siblings make it in life with you still behind,You tend to loose all the respect.

But upon all these he gave a word of advice to everyone in that situation to calm down, keep on praying and never loose hope because one day would be that day the sun will reallyshine on you.

I dont want you to miss the Motivations in this song,Kindly download below


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