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Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician

Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician

Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician

Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician

In the community where I was born, there is a tradition of some specific jobs been for the men and some been for the women. Some part of the culture even states the position of a woman is in the kitchen but it seems this woman has beaten all odds and done the impossible. Something we barely see in our community and it marvels everyone close to her how she is able to do what she does and manage her home as well.

Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician

James Emmanuel Kwegyir Aggrey once said,

‘‘If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”

Well, it seems my dear Esther has overturned things on her side and done the most incredible thing and impressed everyone around her.

Esther Freeman is a native of Accra Ghana and born in Tema, Ashiaman who is married with two kids [Boy and a Girl] and works as an Automotive Painting Technician what we normally say Car Sprayer or Painter.

Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician

We saw some of her works online and we decided to confront her to know why upon all the jobs available, she chose to be a sprayer.


ESTHER: Esther Freeman


ESTHER: 27 and I was born in Tema, Ashiaman


ESTHER: My parents died in one week when we were kids and they left behind myself and two other siblings to take care of by then I was around 17 to 18. It was a very tough time as I really struggling to make ends meet and to be able to support myself and the family. Due to that, I could not continue my education to the senior level so I dropped out of school to support home by working as a painting technician. It is a very sad story dear. Anytime I recall, tears roll down my cheeks.

Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician


ESTHER: Currently having 8


ESTHER: I had a passion of been a pilot or maybe becoming a nurse so I would be able to take care of others.


ESTHER: AWWW. LOL, what kind of question is this?? Well, I had much interest in Mathematics since I was really good at that.

Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician




ESTHER: Yes Please.


ESTHER: 2 years with 2 kids

Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician


ESTHER: Not at all. Never in my life. It is a great job


ESTHER: People like it. Even though it surprises few, majority of them encourage me to keep it up especially my clients


ESTHER: Oh nooo, am not willing to switch but rather add more. Am planning on venturing into other business but that does not mean am going to quit. Naaa

Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician
Meet Esther Freeman The Automotive Painting Technician


ESTHER: Yes Please.


ESTHER: Hhahahaha. I love listening to music a lot.


ESTHER: Through my numbers 0279919491 / 0540908940 and my FACEBOOK page.


ESTHER: To be yourself, love yourself, believe yourself you can do all you want, no matter what you are in now.

International cats day in honour of awesome cats

International cats day
International cats day

International cat day is celebrated on 8th August and undoubtedly cats are one of the amazing creatures one can keep as a pet. Cats are mostly domestic mammals so there is no need distinguishing them from other felids and felines. Cats are mostly characterised with their flurry nature. Though there is an undying arguments to whether cats make a good companion compared to dogs, most people prefer having cats.

Cats usually have a life span of 2-16 years lifespan, making them a good companion through thick and thin. Scientists have confirmed the good that cats do to us, the play a major role in the upbringing of babies, the strengthen their immune system which help fight against respiratory infections. They also protect babies from dangers and harms.

Cats have the ability to sense whether its owner is in a good mood or not, whether they want to play or they just want to be alone. Mentally they help develop the brain of its pet owners especially children with autism as they help to develop their social skills.

Today been international cat day checkout some awesome pictures of these great friends

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List of ten foods that can fight cancer cells

List of ten foods that can fight cancer cells
Cancer cells

While many might argue that there’s nothing you can do to fight cancer cells, we believe that you can always do your bit. Start with these 10 foods that you can include in your everyday diet that might just help keep cancer at bay.


This green veggie helps in fighting prostate, colon and bladder cancer. It is rich in fibre and contains sulforaphane, a particularly potent compound that boosts the body’s protective enzymes and flushes out cancer-causing chemicals and fight cancer cells as well.

List of ten foods that can fight cancer cells
Including broccoli in your diet can help stabilize cancer


Oranges contain vitamin C and antioxidant, which are required for preventing cancer. Eating citrus-rich fruits can cut the risk of many other diseases like reducing cholesterol, weight loss and making your skin look younger. Note: While eating oranges, do not mix it with other foods so that your body can consume their benefits fully which can aid in fighting cancer cells.

List of ten foods that can fight cancer cells

Green Tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants and helps prevent esophageal, lung, oral, liver, pancreatic and prostate cancer. It further contains polyphenols that help in cell replication and has anti-cancer properties.


List of ten foods that can fight cancer cells
Green Tea


Did you know ginger can actually trick the cancer cells into killing themselves? Moreover, it blocks ovarian cancer cells from growing, limiting its ability to spread. It also helps in relieving nausea and motion sickness and must be included in your everyday diet.

List of ten foods that can fight cancer cells


It has several antibacterial properties that can help ward off cancer in a number of ways and stop cancer cells from multiplying. It helps to kill the cancer cells for breast, colon, esophageal, and stomach cancers.

List of ten foods that can fight cancer cells


Like oranges, blueberries too are rich in antioxidants. They neutralize free radicals, which are unstable compounds that can damage cells and lead to cancer.

List of ten foods that can fight cancer cells


Eating just one medium apple will earn you 14 percent of your daily value of vitamin A, and 11 percent of your daily value of vitamin C (not shabby). Antioxidants (like vitamins C and A) in apples help prevent excessive free radical damage, says Caspero—and that can have loads of potential health benefits. Case in point: Antioxidants in apples have been shown to protect against cancer and asthma. This fruit has many disease-fighting benefits and helps in killing prostate and breast cancer cells.

List of ten foods that can fight cancer cells


It is rich in omega-3 fatty acid and is rich in vitamins, proteins and selenium, all of which helps in preventing liver cancer. Furthermore, it decreases the risk of heart attack.

List of ten foods that can fight cancer cells


The health benefits of lentils include improved digestion, a healthy heart, diabetes control, cancer management, weight loss, prevention of anemia, and better electrolytic activity due to potassium. It is a good source of protein and is great for pregnant women. It also aids in the prevention of atherosclerosis and in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

List of ten foods that can keep cancer at bay


They may be small, but they pack a huge disease-fighting punch. Walnuts contain a vitamin called gamma tocopherol that stops the activation of Akt—an enzyme that is essential for cancer cell survival—without harming healthy cells. The nut also contains cholesterol-like molecules called phytosterols that slow the growth of breast cancer cells by blocking estrogen receptors. Additional pools of academic wisdom say walnuts can help ward off prostate, lung and colorectal cancers, so you should definitely find a way to work the mighty nuts into your diet.
List of ten foods that can fight cancer cells

Dorothy’s hope foundation gives back to the society


Dorothy’s hope foundation is a  charitablr non-govermental organization that focuses mainly on Breast cancer and breast cancer patients, raising awareness by encouraging early screening, raising funds for treatments and being a support system, it is believed prevention is better than cure, so the main aim is to help the society get an indepth knowledge about it. It is adviced every woman must their breast type so they would when something is wrong. Comments were passed on several topics that included :

What breast cancer is

The causes

Symptoms and signs

How to self examine

The event was was graced by celebrities, media personels and medical doctors from the Oncology department of Okomfo Anokye Hospital in Kumasi that aided with the screening, and educating the public about breast cancer. The founder of the Organization Dorothy Amuah extended the whole package to benefit our beautiful mothers in the markets who couldn’t join us because of their busy schedules. The foundation also gave out some freebies which included packs of sanitary pads by kare,  water, food amongst others.

Dorothy's hope foundation gives back to the society
Dorothy’s hope foundation gives back to the society

The medical team made the whole event profiting by educating us on breast cancer anand how to detect, lets begin with what breast cancer is

What is Breast Cancer 

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor (a collection of cancer cells) arising from the cells of the breast. Although breast cancer predominantly occurs in women, although breast cancer affects women.most it can also affect men.Breast cancer and its complications can affect nearly every part of the body.

What causes breast cancer?

There are many risk factors that increase the chance of developing breast cancer. Although we know some of these risk factors, we don’t know the cause of breast cancer or how these factors cause the development of a cancer cell.

Dorothy's hope foundation gives back to the society
What is breast cancer

We know that normal breast cells become cancerous because of mutations in the DNA, and although some of these are inherited, most DNA changes related to breast cells are acquired during one’s life.

Proto-oncogenes help cells grow. If these cells mutate, they can increase growth of cells without any control. Such mutations are referred to as oncogenes. Such uncontrolled cell growth can lead to cancer.

The following are risk factors for breast cancer:

  • Age: The chances of breast cancer increase as one gets older.
  • Family history: The risk of breast cancer is higher among women who have relatives with the disease. Having a close relative with the disease (sister, mother, daughter) doubles a woman’s risk.
  • Personal history: Having been diagnosed with breast cancer in one breast increases the risk of cancer in the other breast or the chance of an additional cancer in the original breast.
  • Women diagnosed with certain benign breast conditions have an increased risk of breast cancer. These include atypical hyperplasia, a condition in which there is abnormal proliferation of breast cells but no cancer has developed.
  • Menstruation: Women who started their menstrual cycle at a younger age (before 12) or went through menopause later (after 55) have a slightly increased risk.
  • Breast tissue: Women with dense breast tissue (as documented by mammogram) have a higher risk of breast cancer.
  • Race: White women have a higher risk of developing breast cancer, but African-American women tend to have more aggressive tumors when they do develop breast cancer.
  • Exposure to previous chest radiation or use of diethylstilbestrol increases the risk of breast cancer.
  • Having no children or the first child after age 30 increases the risk of breast cancer.
  • Breastfeeding for one and a half to two years might slightly lower the risk of breast cancer.
  • Being overweight or obese increases the risk of breast cancer both in pre- and postmenopausal women but at different rates.
  • Use of oral contraceptives in the last 10 years increases the risk of breast cancer slightly.
  • Using combined hormone therapy after menopause increases the risk of breast cancer.
  • Alcohol use increases the risk of breast cancer, and this seems to be proportional to the amount of alcohol used. A recent study reviewing the research on alcohol use and breast cancer concluded that all levels of alcohol use are associated with an increased risk for breast cancer. This includes even light drinking.
  • Exercise seems to lower the risk of breast cancer.
  • Genetic risk factors: The most common causes are inheriting a mutated gene from a parent means that one has a significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Symptoms & Signs

Breast cancer does not always produce symptoms; women may have cancers that are so small they do not produce masses that can be felt or other recognizable changes in the breast. When symptoms do occur, a lump or mass in the breast is the most common symptom.

Other possible symptoms include

  • nipple discharge or redness,
  • changes in the skin such as puckering or dimpling,
  • and swelling of part of the breast.

How to self examine

Adult women of all ages are encouraged to perform breast self-exams on daily basis or at least once a month.

Dorothy's hope foundation gives back to the society
How to self examine the breast

Growing your natural hair isn’t as difficult as you thought – @Afrocabello

Afrocabello hair growth kit
Afrocabello hair growth kit


Hair that Slays starts with Afrocabello. Whether you’ve got black or colored hair, natural hair or transitioning from perm to natural hair, our all in one hair care package can revitalize, nourish and solve All your hair care needs.

Growing your natural hair is easy with afrocabello
Growing your natural hair is easy with afrocabello

In order to have a successful natural hair journey, you must first understand exactly what the term natural hair really means.

There are several different definitions of the term, but below I’ve provided the most common definition for natural hair, and the one that we will talk about most often on Afrocabello.

“The term natural hair is defined as relaxer-free hair, which is different from chemical-free hair. Chemicals, on the surface, are often considered dangerous, but this is often times not the case at all. Most chemicals that you encounter on a daily basis are perfectly safe and harmless. For example, water or H2O is a safe chemical.”

Afrocabello is about helping you understand your natural hair and providing you with information and resources to achieve healthy natural hair. We often interview other naturals on the blog because we want to give everyone the opportunity to share their experiences with natural hair. We often learn the most by reading and analyzing other people’s experiences.

Now this is how to get a guaranteed growth without stress!!
1. Shampoo is made from carefully selected herbs that has premature graying properties devoid of harsh toxic chemicals.
2. Conditioners softens and nourishes the hair to restore lost vitamins
3. Hair growth herbal mix that repairs damaged hair, increase hair volume and quicken hair growth.

Hair growth kit
Hair growth kit

Kindly Call or WhatsApp on 0207990726 to place your order.

You can also follow them on social media to get more tip on growing your natural hair


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Women now watch pornography more than men do!


The team from University of Waterloo in Canada found that the privacy offered by personal computers and smartphones made women more comfortable exploring erotic material that they may have felt less comfortable accessing in more traditional ways. “We know from existing research that women are one of the fastest growing groups of people consuming online pornography and this study helps us understand some of the reasons they are doing so,” said Diana Parry, co-author of the study.

“Digital technology appears to have the ability to highlight women’s sexuality in a way that we haven’t seen before,” Parry added in a paper published in the journal Sexuality and Culture. The qualitative study involved in-depth discussions with a group of women across the spectrum of sexual identities who had consumed online erotic material.

Through the interviews, researchers found that pornography encouraged women to embrace their sexuality and that digital technology has helped them to connect with others to discuss issues related to their sexual interests. “It is clear that technology has enabled women to explore pornography on their own terms and to explore aspects of their sexuality that are new to them,” Parry said.

The research is part of a larger study conducted by Parry, Penny Light, professor at Thompson Rivers University, and Janet McKeown, who did her PhD at Waterloo, that explored how digital technology facilitates women’s consumption of explicit online material. “It’s important to understand that society still has a very traditional idea of women’s sexuality, with views that are typically more accepting of men’s needs and desires,” the researcher noted

Embrace your scars – they are who you are!

Living with scars

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”― Kahlil Gibran.  Irrespective of the size of the scar, there are many who prefer to cover or hide their scars instead of letting them be. This is more due to the social stigma and the negative visual appeal attached to it. However, what many forget is the fact that each scar, no matter how big or small, is far more than just a mark on their skin. Each abrasion has a deeper and emotional story to it. To break the imagery around scars and empower people, a 24-year-old fashion and portrait photographer Sophie Mayanne has come up with a project ‘Behind The Scars’. The pictures feature individuals with scars and the story behind them. It is both enthralling and empowering to know the journey of their scars. Here are 10 powerful pictures that will inspire many. (Source: Sophiemayanne/Instagram)

Taking paracetamol during pregnancy may damage child’s fertility


Paracetamol in pregnancy may damage your daughter’s fertility
It is speculated that both paracetamol and ibuprofen interferes with a hormone called prostaglandin E2, which appears to play a vital part in the development of the foetal reproductive system.

Women who consume paracetamol during pregnancy, widely used to reduce a high fever or relieve pain, may increase the risk of damaging the fertility of their daughters, warns a new study.
Scientists from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland found that human ovaries exposed to paracetamol for a week in laboratories lost up to 40 per cent of their egg cells. If this effect occurs in the womb, it could mean baby girls exposed to the common drug end up being born with fewer eggs. This would give them fewer years in which they could become pregnant and lead to an early menopause, the Daily Mail quoted the researchers as saying.
It may be because both paracetamol and ibuprofen interferes with a hormone called prostaglandin E2, which appears to play a vital part in the development of the foetal reproductive system.

The female reproductive system
The female reproductive system
“This study identifies a potential risk from taking paracetamol or ibuprofen, although we don’t know exactly what effect it would have on human health nor what dose would be needed to harm fertility,” 

said Richard Sharpe, professor at the varsity. While unborn boys could also be affected by the drug. But unlike women, whose egg supply is limited, they keep producing sperm throughout their lives, meaning the danger to their fertility is not as serious, the researchers said.
For the study, presented at the Fertility 2018 conference in Liverpool, the team tested the effect of paracetamol and ibuprofen on human foetal testes and ovaries over a week. Researchers counted germ cells that turn into sperm and eggs.
In the ovary, the number of egg cells fell by up to 40 per cent, while in testes the number of germ cells was reduced by more than a fifth. The findings prompts fresh warnings for pregnant women to only take paracetamol when necessary and warrants further research.

Lifestyle : Ibrah Gives Out iPhones On His Birthday

Lifestyle : Ibrah Gives Out iPhones On His Birthday

Ibrah, a 31-year-old businessman who is said to be a resident of Dansoman a suburb in Accra,known for his first class lifestyle and known to be flaunting his Instagram page with fleet of expensive cars which cost millions of dollars has decided to give out iPhones in a trotro as he celebrates his 32nd year on earth.

Lifestyle : Ibrah Gives Out iPhones On His Birthday

This is no fairy-tale as his cars all sporting customized number plates, range from a G-Wagon (estimated cost of $140,000), a Bentley (estimated cost of $180,000) a Mercedes GTS (estimated cost of $130,000), a Rolls-Royce Wraith (estimated cost of almost $300,000), a Mercedes SLC (estimated cost of $80,000), a Ferrari 458 Italia (estimated cost of $240,000) and an Audi R8 (estimated cost of $170,000) amongst others.

Check below for the video :

I fell in love when I was in class six – Gina Gee

Ambandi signed artiste Gina Gee
Ambandi signed artiste Gina Gee and her two horns

In a recent interview between musicarenagh and the Ambandi female rapper Gina Gee conducted by Mr Styx, she delve deeper into her personal life her future, whats at stake and talks about her family as whole. she also made some exclusive disclosure.

Enjoy as you read the full interview below :

Mr Styx: To begin with would you mind telling us your name?
Gina Gee: Sure, my birth name is Gina Williams, but I am popularly known as Gina Gee.
Mr Styx: OK then I assume the Gina was derived from your name? But tell me where from the Gee?
Gina Gee: Yes just like you said, Gina is derived from my name but i got the Gee way back when i was in SHS, that was the name my friends used to call me. So after completion i decided to use Gina Gee as ma Showbiz name and the ‘Gee’ simply means an Ambitious,Go_Getta and hardworking person.
Mr Styx: Then I must say that’s a nice name you’ve got, but for how long have been doing music?
Gina Gee: Hahaha Well i loved music since infancy… I started rapping wen i was 9 years old but i took the music seriously wen i completed Shs which was 2011 so professionally its been 7years. And I recorded ma first track in 2010
Mr Styx: Was it a demo or a mastered track?
Gina Gee: It was demo lol u know those days
Gina Gee: I was still in sch then

Mr Styx: 😂😂
Then what was the response when you first told your parents about your intentions to do music… Not all parents support that idea
Gina Gee: Erhm i was the Entertainment Prefect way back in school and ma parents were aware, so to them it was obvious, the guessed I would take this music thing seriously so wen i told them about it they weren’t surprised at all and they truly believe in me, they only adviced me to work harder if thats really what i wanted to do & they conclude they Got ma back
Mr Styx: That’s touching..
Have they ever condemned a song because of it lyrics?
Gina Gee: Well they have never condemned any songs of mine cos i bring out Dope tunes…tunes each and everyone can relate to, and its so amazing, and the response i get from fans when i perform on stage merhnn they just love me and ma tunes trust me though i am an upcoming artist
Mr Styx: That’s amazing.
Gina Gee: Ikr
Mr Styx: So growing up as a young girl what profession did you want to pursue.?
Gina Gee: I always wanted to be part of the media. Been a journalist in addition to the music
Mr Styx: So do you do music as a full time career?
Gina Gee: No pls im a student as well, I am a product of Jayee University..its actually a private university
Mr Styx: Right. What type of music do you do?
Gina Gee: Well i do hip-life,hip hop & Afro pop. I am a Rapper but i discovered ma singing talent not long ago, so i did the singing on a tune i released Just this year titled #MiSumobo. Let tell you something funny, 😂 to my family what I do best is rap, so whenever i open ma mouth to sing at home my Mom gon tell me to shut up cos i sounded horrible but surprisingly after i released the #Misumbo tune & she listened she realized i could even do much better,she didnt believe it was me singing
Gina Gee: I tried lol
Mr Styx: Oh yeah.. I got the chance to listen after it was released, and It’s awesome.
As an upcoming artiste who would you say is your all time favorite musician
Gina Gee: Aaaww thank You. Well I think every artiste is good but i listen to Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Shatawale nd the Ambandi Boss Capasta, I listen to the songs of these Acts most
Mr Styx: Really? This are from different genres.. Why this names ?
Gina Gee: Yea ikr the fact that i Iisten to their music doesn’t mean they are the pple i imitate….Well i don’t imitate any artist im just doing ma thing and i only look up to God but i can say they are ma favourite artiste so far.
Mr Styx: What influenced you to do rap music? And what influences your lyrics
Gina Gee: Well i get influenced by everyday activities/experiences and i watch what goes on in the society as a whole and i use that to write my songs So everyone can relate to whatever i write or talk about in my songs
Mr Styx: Interesting.Ever felt like quitting /giving up?
Gina Gee: Yeah i have felt like giving up so many times and whenever i feel that way i talk to a close frnd about it she advises and encourages me. And sometimes when i feel like giving up i just think about how i started and how far i have gotten,i mean how far God has brought me and it just aint

the same cos i remember when i started i had to plead on people to put me on bill or give me the chance to perform at a show but now people call me to perform at shows and most of these shows I do charge them, its just marvelous how God has been so good to me even tho i have not reached the level that i want to be im still grateful and im hoping to get there,Life is wat matters if there is life then there is hope so hopefully i will make it trust me🙏
Mr Styx: You would surely make it.. So in your statement you said something about level,
Whats that level you want to reach
Gina Gee: Yea sure wana reach that stage i will be named one of the best female rappers,wana reach a point that i can say to myself that i have achieved all ma aim in this life

Mr Styx: And do you have any fears?
Gina Gee: Ma greatest fear is losing ma love ones
Mr Styx: Yeah.. I know that feeling. Fearsome
Gina Gee: Yeah
Mr Styx: We’ve gotten to the fun aspect, we always have this game we play, and would like to play with you.
It’s very simple and easy. You would be given 10 boxes to choose 3 out off. Each box choose has a question. The rule is simple, just answer with sincerity..


1. 🎁 2. 🎁 3. 🎁 4. 🎁 5. 🎁 6. 🎁 7. 🎁 8. 🎁 9. 🎁 10.🎁
Gina Gee: Alright
Gina Gee: 6,7 and 9
Mr Styx: OK

Mr Styx: This would be fun 😂😂
6 – At what age did you first fall inlove?

Gina Gee: Wen i was in class 6 that was when I found my first love 😌😂
Gina Gee: 7. Myself I’m not interested in beef so i wouldnt beef any artists
Mr Styx: 😂.. Should I say you are scared?
Gina Gee: 😂😂 hell no
Gina Gee:

And let me emphasize on this, I’m not in competition with any artiste.

I’m competing with myself to bring out the best of me watease3 and i believe i told u before that I’m just doing my thing.So if any artist out der try to beef me or bringin out a diss song which goes against me i will just pay no attention to that,i wont mind him or her cos even i replying​ that artiste will be like I’m hyping​ him or her so i wont even mind u
And note that i ain’t scared of any artist
Mr Styx: Nice
Gina Gee: Yea
Mr Styx : 9 – If you had the chance to make a wish what would you wish for?
Gina Gee: 9. if i had the chance to change something it would be poverty

Gina Gee during a stage performance
Gina Gee during a stage performance

Mr Styx: Why poverty?
Gina Gee: Cos its soo appalling…imagine u wana buy something and u don’t have the money to, how would u feel ? You wanna have something but you not getting it, the feeling is bad so if i had the power and chance i would change poverty, myself if i mk it big im gon help much orphanage in soo many ways . And besides and its more blessed to give than to receive so im gon love to help dem to gain more blessings from God
Mr Styx: That’s inspiring, so what would you tell other upcoming artiste?
Gina Gee: Well,will tell dem to keep on working hard,its not easy tho but they should still keep the spirit high,be prayerful & leave the rest to God.You definitely gon reap whatever u sow u know.
Mr Styx: What’s up with the bandana. You Always put on one, is there any secret?
Gina Gee: Its actually For easy recognition.That bandana identifies Gina Gee. Its part of the brand u know ….I remember sometime ago i went for a show and i had to drop at lapaz to pick another car home & anytime im on ma way home i take off the bandana..So the moment i got to Lapaz i was very thirsty so i decided to buy water so i by passed these two ladies and i heard one saying​ its her and the other one saying​ that’s not her,I knew very well it was about me so i got back to them and asked why the fuss? the first lady asked politely please are you not Gina Gee i just laughed and responded No Im Gina cos i don’t have​ my bandana on, I’m only Gina Gee when my bandana is on lol and i later told them not to mind me im Gina Gee
Gina Gee: So actually ma two horns which is ma hair and with the bandana on makes it much easier for people to recognize me even wen i don’t have​ ma bandana on people could still recognize me cos of ma hairstyle

Without my bandana I am not Gina Gee
Without my bandana I am not Gina Gee

Gina Gee: Watease3
Mr Styx: Aane 3no nso y3 fine
Gina Gee: Yeah
Gina Gee: Medaase
Mr Styx: Why would you call you hair horns?
Gina Gee: Lol. Well i got that word from a fan, he said he loved ma two horns and i later realized it was ma hair he was talkin about
Mr Styx: Oh really?
Have you thought about changing your hairstyle?
Gina Gee: Yeah​ yeah.
Gina Gee: I remember i intentionally made a post on fb saying im changing​ ma hairstyle whether u like it Or not
Gina Gee: and the response i got from ma fans was…they don’t like the idea of me changing it,some told me to maintain it but at the end of day im the only person who can decide whether to change it or not
Gina Gee: But i have thought about changing​ it.It wouldn’t be soon tho
Mr Styx: Oh OK
Gina Gee: Yep
Mr Styx: Any upcoming projects we should look out for?
Gina Gee: Yeah​ sure….  remember i told u im gonna  release 2 hip hop  tunes …I changed ma mind cos im working on another tune featuring  Capasta and  its not a hip hop tune,i would replace that tune with  the other hip hop instead of 2 hip hop tunes, its gonna  be 1 hip hop and 1 afro pop and im also working on ma Album so they should all Anticipate
Mr Styx: Is the date out already?
Gina Gee: Not yet out but if anything im gon let them know
Mr Styx: Any last words?
Gina Gee: Yeah​ Sure …I Wana thank all ma Fans and Loved ones so much for been supportive since day one…I really do appreciate and trust me there’s more to come,the fire im coming up with cant be contained.They should keep supporting Gina-Gee.#Fedefedey3nkor Ambaaaaaaaandi!!
Mr Styx: Nice…
Mr Styx: Thank you for your time.
Gina Gee: U welcome and thanks too.

Ever wondered the roots of plagiarism

War against plagiarism (WAP)

Greetings, beloved readers.

The previous writeup must have shed a light on the concept of plagiarism, at least to a considerable extent. However, this writeup will definitely be a continual eye opener as to the little things we do that breeds plagiarism.
A slogan is common in the new age schools “eni to mo way, lo mo iwe” which literally implies “he who knows the way, knows the book”. This strategically pinpoints that ingenuity and effervescent burning of candles won’t determine a student’s success in exams. Permit me to call a spade by its name – examination malpractice.

At the last page of a WASSCE question paper is inscribed :
“Examination malpractice is corruption !!! Do not engage in it”.

Stop plagiarism

A-make-believe impression is created by different examination centres during this period.“Don’t bring in phones or gadgets, don’t bring in key points, textbooks, notepads…whatever seems implicative”. But a thousand naira is enough to pass an examination without reading, it is not bribe. It is kola nut.
But where am I really headed ? Evil is evil, irrespective of the methods used. It won’t be surprising when an assumed 200 level student plagiarises a poem for his school project and still stands by it. Why ? Isn’t that the brunt of a dilapidated educational sector ?
Name withheld, someone has plagiarised my poem and offered me two thousand naira. The look was killing enough, does it seems like I wanna make fast money from my writings ? Then, these plagiarists don’t really know the gravity of their atrocities.
All forms of writings are weapons, it would be annoying if we fall a victim of what we preach. It might seem weird but I sure know some writers pardon the plagiarists of their works in the name of a measly money, thereby creating an impression that writers (basically poets) are poverty stricken and hungry. If I pardon a plagiarist, it would be because he took down the post or tendered an apology letter. No money, I repeat, no money can trade off my works. We wanna make money from poetry but that shouldn’t bedevil our sense of reasoning. And this is exactly what happens during external examinations.
Teachers are paid meagre, they can’t wait till they get to heaven for their reward. Some might just find themselves in Hades, you know. So they want to make money from teaching and they believe the best thing is to apply what they need to give the students what is required. Relatively, the writer want to apply what he seeks to give the plagiarist what he wants. Are we killing or breeding plagiarism ? Freelancing is another thing entirely, don’t get it mixed up.

Help prevent plagiarisms

The little things we do really count. That examination malpractice might just be a parent background for plagiarism. The sooner you know, the better.

Till the quill bleeds again.
Convener, War Against Plagiarism.

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The Roots of plagiarism

War against plagiarism (WAP)

Culled from Arcus Dictionary, plagiarism: a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work. However, the natural philosophy teaches that being able to present the concept of a term in your own words, as it freely flows from the mind is near to the truth, if not the truth.

My years in creative writing has made me come to understand that plagiarism is an act by which undue credits are taken upon another’s creative outpour, mostly without consent and omission of reference to the original creator. A plagiarist can then be said to be a new age Antonio (in the words of Shakespeare’s Tempest).
While I was undergoing Basic education then in a private setting, I incurred antagonism from peers and some teachers, as well. This was due to the fact that I believe in what can be crafted by the ten fingers and not what can be dubbed by two eyes. Dubbing is an act, which has eaten deep into the pupils and students likewise (word for word;verbatim). If however we understand the implication of this act nurtured from tender age, we would get to know that it is a parent background for plagiarism.
A child dub his classmate’s work, simply because he was indolent to work on the assignment given or couldn’t stretch out of his comfort zone to scribble something out. He however has high hopes that his brilliant classmate would allow him to dub the answers before morning assembly on Monday. We feel this has no implications but it goes a long way in creating an unnecessary dependency, an addiction to the sweat of others hence creating stagnancy for the latter.
I remembered a fracas I got into while undergoing my basic education in Oloye Group Of School. My class teacher had made it seemingly compulsory to allow a fellow classmate to dub from an assignment I worked on for weeks. This got me really angered and unsatisfied, my (ego) as people might tag it arose when she had to flog me for being obstinate. Under no given permission, I left the class and despite all pleas, I refused to access the class again. Being a topnotch pupil then, it was definitely a great loss to have me withdraw and this was one of the factors by which I became a pupil of Sunfab Group of School but that is a story for another day. The point has been made.
On normal days, I commune with fellow classmates who are like minds. We do some school works together and task one another on projects. This was not infuriating because a tree cannot make a forest but dead seeds around the great mahogany won’t make a farm sef. I move with like minds, I relate ideas to people who I believe aren’t totally dull academically (forgive me, if this sounds harsh).
People tag me as a patient of self centeredness, undue ego and someone who has been infected with the I-TOO-KNOW syndrome. It will however be shocking to know that someone in this light will some days scribble some lines and when it is plagiarised, he cries out. What is he protecting ? His work ? His pride ? His image ?
The little things we do really count. Charity begins at home, they say. School is home as well and whatever have been created in the mindset of a young child lives for long. It is necessary to create an independent spirit and the system of belief in one self, hence killing the monstrous demon tagged inferiority complex.
When next you see a child dubbing another work, try to stop him not by violence but by enlightenment. If not, that same boy might someday plagiarise a random work on Facebook in the name of “I love it” and the fierce WAP would make sure his name gets in the mud. Examination malpractice breeds plagiarism likewise.

Till the quill bleeds again.
Convener, War Against Plagiarism.

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Doggy Style is the most Dangerous Sex Position


It may be regarded as one of the most basic and unexotic sex positions but missionary is actually one of the most dangerous, according to doctors.

In a new study called the ‘relationship between sexual position and severity of penile fracture’ from the International Journal of Impotence Research, doctors analysed which sex positions were the most dangerous for men.

The study found that ‘doggy style’ sex is the most dangerous, with 41 percent of cases of penile fracture occurring as a result of using the position.

Missionary, with the man on top, was in second place, as the cause behind 25 percent of penile fracture cases, followed by sex with the woman on top in the third.

The researchers who worked on the study included R Barros, L Schulze, A A Ornellas, L Koifman and L A Favorito.

They noted that doggy style sex and missionary could cause the equally serious penile fracture, while the woman being on top was the least dangerous.

They said: ‘We do not observe differences between the severity of the penile fracture between the “doggy style” and “man-on-top”, but the “doggy style” had more severity of penile fracture when compared with “woman-on-top”.’

How does a penis fracture? 

A penile fracture occurs when the appendage is subject to a sharp, blunt force trauma, which can occur during vigorous intercourse or masturbation.

Since 1924, 1,600 cases have been recorded worldwide – roughly 16 instances per year, the Telegraph previously reported.

Researchers noted that in 50 per cent of cases, a gruesome cracking sound can be heard. Four in five male victims lost their erection.

Those who have already been traumatised from breaking their penis are often left with erectile dysfunction problems and a lifetime of painful sex.

Earlier this year, MailOnline reported on a man from southern China who was left in agony after breaking his penis during sex with his wife.

Doctors found that his penis was at an odd angle and was in a swollen shape that made it look like an eggplant.

He was diagnosed with a penile fracture after tearing a sponge-like erectile tissue called corpora cavernosa.

Blood flows into corpora cavernosa that runs along the penis and making it hard during an erection.

The trick to stopping penile injuries is to thrust quite shallowly, according to Tracey Cox.

‘Holding your partner close to you using a grinding rather than thrusting motion will also reduce the risk’, she told MailOnline.


Exclusive photos from chalewote 2017

CHALEWOTE is a local vocab by the  Ghanaian natives which could me  “come along” , “let’s go” or “my friend follow me”. It is also a popular sandals worn by most Ghanaians it is made from rubber. But in Jamestown CHALEWOTE is actually a street fair .

Artistry in any form is been showcased at the fair, it is actually the best place to socialize with old friends, as people from all walks of life regardless of the race come to have fun and patronize the products. So if you want to sell your products or buy Ghanaian artefacts CHALEWOTE is the best place to do so, you also get the chance to meet people with the  same interest as you .

The event kicked off on Monday 14th August and ends on Sunday 20th August and has welcomed over 50,000 tourists, surely if you want to showcase your talent CHALEWOTE is the best place to.

Clothings ,drinks, food, music you know dance cannot be left out, graffiti, cycling, skating, music shows, DJing and many other acts are showcased in different ways at the festival.

So maybe if you were not able to attend this year’s CHALEWOTE festival then you’ve missed a lot, let’s hope it continues in the coming years .

See exclusive photos of the 2017 CHALEWOTE festival




Recipe : how to prepare roasted vegetables

Roasted veggies
Roasted Veggies

Most people think going vegan is a difficult lifestyle to live, but on the contrary it’s that easy, Roasted vegetables are the way to go! You can use this method for and side dish, meal or vegetable in season. It is healthy, and don’t take much time for preparations.

Bon appétit
Watch video below


World hepatitis B day: What to know about hepatitis B


You can have Hepatitis B and not know it. You may not have symptoms. If you do, they can make you feel like you have the flu. But as long as you have the virus, you can spread it to others.

Hepatitis B is a potentially life-threatening liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). It is a major global health problem. It can cause chronic infection and puts people at high risk of death from cirrhosis and liver cancer.

So what causes hepatitis B?

It’s caused by the hepatitis B virus. It is spread through contact with the blood and body fluids of an infected person.

You may get hepatitis B if you:

  • Have sex with an infected person without using a condom.
  • Share needles (used for injecting drugs) with an infected person.
  • Get a tattoo or piercing with tools that weren’t sterilized.
  • Share personal items like razors or toothbrushes with an infected person.
Hepatitis transmission
Hepatitis transmission

The hepatitis B virus can survive outside the body for at least 7 days. During this time, the virus can still cause infection if it enters the body of a person who is not protected by the vaccine. The incubation period of the hepatitis B virus is 75 days on average, but can vary from 30 to 180 days. The virus may be detected within 30 to 60 days after infection and can persist and develop into chronic hepatitis B.

The hepatitis B virus
The hepatitis B virus

In highly endemic areas, hepatitis B is most commonly spread from mother to child at birth (perinatal transmission), or through horizontal transmission (exposure to infected blood), especially from an infected child to an uninfected child during the first 5 years of life. The development of chronic infection is very common in infants infected from their mothers or before the age of 5 years

Affected areas

Let us look at some common symptoms of hepatitis B

Many people with hepatitis B don’t know they have it, because they don’t have symptoms. If you do have symptoms, you may just feel like you have the flu. Symptoms include:

  • Feeling very tired.
  • Mild fever.
  • Headache.
  • Not wanting to eat.
  • Feeling sick to your stomach or vomiting.
  • Belly pain.
  • Tan-colored bowel movements (stools).
  • Dark urine.
  • Yellowish eyes and skin (jaundice). Jaundice usually appears only after other symptoms have started to go away.

Most people with chronic hepatitis B have no symptoms.

How is it treated?

In most cases, hepatitis B goes away on its own. You can relieve your symptoms at home by resting, eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding alcohol and drugs. Also, find out from your doctor what medicines and herbal products to avoid, because some can make liver damage caused by hepatitis B worse.

Treatment for chronic hepatitis B depends on whether your infection is getting worse and whether you have liver damage. Most people with chronic hepatitis B can live active, full lives by taking good care of themselves and getting regular checkups. There are medicines for chronic hepatitis B, but they may not be right for everyone. Work with your doctor to decide if medicine is right for you.

Sometimes, chronic hepatitis B can lead to severe liver damage. If this happens, you may need a liver transplant.

A damaged liver

The hepatitis B vaccine is the best way to prevent infection. The vaccine is a series of 3 or 4 shots. Adults at risk and all babies, children, and teenagers should be vaccinated.

hepatitis b vaccine

Simple ways to prevent hepatitis B

o avoid getting or spreading the virus to others:

  • Use a condom when you have sex.
  • Don’t share needles.
  • Wear latex or plastic gloves if you have to touch blood.
  • Don’t share toothbrushes or razors.
  • Don’t get a tattoo, or make sure that the needles used have been cleaned properly and are sterile.


Pictures: Divorce selfies gone viral

Divorce selfies gone viral

Divorce and seperation can be so devastating, and later wreak ones life. But newly divorced couples have started a new trend. Most divorced couples post pictures with their exes with smiling faces, others pose with thier legal documents of divorce or in court. This pictures are making news on instagram.

Checkout some of the pictures :

View this post on Instagram

We went to court and got divorced today, and then went out for a beer and a selfie. Totally normal, right? Seems appropriate because nothing we've ever done is normal. I'm grateful to this guy for 25 sometimes good, sometimes not-so-good, years together. We raised each other from adolescence to adulthood and then made two beautiful children we love like crazycakes. Instead of being disappointed that our choice to be together didn't last forever, we choose to accept that sometimes good things fall irreparably apart, to be thankful for the adventures we had, to look forward to the new and exciting ways we will grow as individuals and in other relationships, and to commit to a lifelong friendship and coparenting partnership– not just because it's good for our little ones, but because it's also good for us. KB, thanks for making this day, and so many other days, easier. You will always be my family. "Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends." (Rumi) #divorceselfie

A post shared by Sara Olsen (@emilysaraolsen) on





Postpartum depression are you at risk

Postpartum depression
Since yesterday was mothers day, I decided to write a post for mothers
Motherhood, as most women would agree, is regarded as one of the most beautiful and poignant moments in a woman’s life. We have read countless women gushing over their experience of ushering in another life into the world, and have heard numerous women referring to this experience as life-altering. The feeling of bringing another individual into this world, who owe their existence completely to you, is perhaps, legitimately, precious.
The image of a mother, blissfully happy in motherhood and playing with her child, has been one that we have grown up watching, and one that validates what we feel about the experience. This, however, is the popular narrative– one that advertisement campaigns play on, and popular television series depict. This experience seems easy to comprehend and fathom.
The alternative to such a reality is starkly different, and evidently less rosy. Postpartum depression, or clinical depression a woman undergoes after giving birth to a child, is a rampant phenomenon.
I just had a baby. Why do I feel so down?
If you’re a brand-new mom who expected to be full of joy at this point, it can be upsetting and confusing when you’re actually feeling the opposite. Rest assured, you’re not alone: Anywhere from 40 to 80 percent of new mothers experience the baby blues – an emotional state of tearfulness, unhappiness, worry, self-doubt, and fatigue. The baby blues typically begin a few days after delivery and go away on their own within a week or two.
However, if your feelings seem unusually intense and have lasted longer than two weeks straight, you may be wondering whether you have a more serious condition. It may come as a surprise, but you could have postpartum depression (PPD).
What is postpartum depression?
Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between clinical depression and the normal stress and exhaustion of new parenthood. But if your feelings of sadness or despair are so powerful that they prevent you from being able to do your daily tasks – such as caring for yourself and others – you could have PPD.
About 10 percent of new mothers develop PPD, but some experts believe the number is even higher because many women don’t seek treatment. If you’re struggling, see your healthcare provider right away for a mental health screening.
According to the American Psychiatric Association, postpartum depression can begin in the weeks after pregnancy or even before. (About half of women with PPD have symptoms during pregnancy.)
If your provider thinks you have depression any time after you give birth, she may refer you to a counselor and prescribe uantidepressant medication, if necessary, or refer you to a psychiatrist for treatment. Whether you’re diagnosed with depression before, during, or after pregnancy, getting treatment is important.

What are the symptoms of postpartum depression?

The symptoms of PPD and depression that occurs before or during pregnancy are the same. You could have PPD if you experience five or more of the following symptoms almost every day, for most of the day, for at least two consecutive weeks:
  • Extreme sadness, emptiness, or hopelessness
  • Crying all the time
  • Loss of interest or lack of enjoyment in your usual activities and hobbies
  • Trouble falling sleep at night, or trouble staying awake during the day
  • Loss of appetite or eating too much, or unintentional weight loss or weight gain
  • Overwhelming feelings of worthlessness or overpowering guilt
  • Restlessness or sluggishness
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  • Feeling that life isn’t worth living

Other possible signs you might be depressed include:
  • Being irritable or angry
  • Avoiding friends and family
  • Worrying excessively about your baby
  • Being uninterested in your baby, or unable to care for her
  • Feeling so exhausted that you’re unable to get out of bed for hours
In rare cases, some women with PPD experience delusional thoughts or hallucinations and may harm their baby.
Note: If you have thoughts about hurting yourself or your baby, this is an urgent health matter. Contact your provider immediately.

What causes depression after childbirth?

PPD results from a combination of hormonal, environmental, emotional, and genetic factors that are beyond your control. Some women might feel somehow responsible for having PPD, but depression doesn’t happen because of something you did or didn’t do.
You may also be more likely to have PPD if you had depression or anxiety during pregnancy, or if you had the baby blues after delivery. Other factors that contribute to the development of PPD include the physical exhaustion after giving birth, the emotional adjustment of becoming a parent, and sleep deprivation.

What’s the difference between PPD and depression?

One difference is the timing: Depression is called PPD when it occurs during the period after childbirth. And unlike depression that’s not related to pregnancy, PPD is linked to the unique hormonal changes that occur after childbirth. Researchers think that sudden changes in hormone levels after delivering a baby can trigger depression in women who are more sensitive to shifts in estrogen and progesterone.

Am I at risk for postpartum depression?

Some women are at higher risk for PPD. The strongest predictors of postpartum depression are:
  • Depression or anxiety during pregnancy
  • Stressful life events during pregnancy or soon after giving birth
  • Traumatic childbirth experience
  • Preterm delivery
  • A baby needing neonatal intensive care
  • Lack of social support
  • Previous history of depression
  • Breastfeeding problems
Other risk factors include:
  • Baby blues after delivery
  • Unplanned or unwanted pregnancy
  • A baby with birth defects or other medical problems
  • Multiple babies (such as twins or triplets)
  • Family history of psychiatric problems
  • Being single
  • Low socioeconomic status or financial instability
  • Domestic violence
  • Unemployment
  • Many medical appointments during pregnancy
  • Pregestational or gestational diabetes
Remember that these risk factors don’t actually cause PPD. Many women with multiple risk factors never experience clinical depression or anxiety, while others with just one risk factor (or even none) can end up with a diagnosis of PPD.

How is postpartum depression treated?

The treatment for PPD is the same as the treatment for depression that happens before or during pregnancy. If you have mild symptoms, your provider may recommend watchful waiting with regular check-ins. If your symptoms are more severe, your provider may recommend talk therapy, antidepressant medication, or both.
Talk therapy, also called counseling or psychotherapy, can be one-on-one with your therapist or in a group setting with other women going through a similar experience. In family or couples therapy, a therapist works with you and your partner or relatives.
Antidepressants balance the brain chemicals that regulate your mood. Talk with your provider about the different types of antidepressants – some are combined for best results. You’ll probably start to feel better after taking the medicine for three or four weeks.
Antidepressants can cause side effects, but most will resolve after a short time. If you experience side effects that interfere with your daily life, or if your depression gets worse, let your provider know right away.
Some women have very severe PPD that doesn’t respond to talk therapy or medication. In this case, a healthcare provider may suggest electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). In this treatment, small electrical currents are passed through the brain while the patient is under general anesthesia. Experts believe this electrical stimulation causes chemical changes in the brain that relieve depression symptoms.

Is it safe to take antidepressants while breastfeeding?

It is generally considered safe to take antidepressants while nursing. The medication does pass to your baby through breast milk, but the levels are very low.
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are considered the safest option and are frequently prescribed to breastfeeding women with depression. Other drugs for depression also appear to be safe, including serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) and most tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs).
According to a few studies, the breastfed babies of moms who take antidepressants might be slightly more irritable or have some difficulty feeding or sleeping. However, the babies of moms with untreated depression can also have these same problems.
If you’re wondering whether changes in your baby’s eating, sleeping, or behavior might be caused by your medication, talk to your provider. (Continue taking your medication unless your provider tells you to stop.)
For details on specific medications, see our drug safety during breastfeeding chart.

Why is it important to seek treatment?

Untreated depression can be lonely, confusing, and even scary if your condition gets worse. The good news is that it’s very treatable, so you don’t have to feel this way.
Treatment provides the support you need to keep you from slipping into a deep depression that’s harder to get out of. Also, having a therapist and health care provider who understand your condition can help you feel less alone. And feeling better means you can bond more easily with your baby and be able to take better care of her.
If your provider has recommended watchful waiting, it’s important to continue seeing her for regular appointments while you’re experiencing symptoms, so you can begin talk therapy or medication if you start to feel worse.

What is postpartum anxiety?

Many women with PPD feel worried or anxious, but if you have persistent feelings of intense worry or panic that cause severe distress and keep you from doing your daily activities, you might have an anxiety disorder. Recent research has shown that 8.5 percent of postpartum moms have clinical anxiety.
Common fears include uncontrollable worry about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or fear that your baby will be taken away from you. You might worry excessively about being criticized for your parenting skills or about not having the support of friends and family. You may also feel intensely self-conscious about your postpartum body and fear being intimate with your partner. An anxiety disorder can also affect your physical health. For example, you might experience muscle tension or have trouble sleeping.
Treatment is available for postpartum anxiety disorders, so let your provider know right away if you have any feelings of overwhelming worry or panic.

How do I cope with postpartum depression?

In addition to getting professional help, here are some ways to take care of yourself when you’re dealing with PPD:
Be good to yourself
Make sure your own basic needs are met: Try to sleep and eat well, and do your best not to feel guilty. Having PPD doesn’t mean you’re a bad mother or don’t love your child. After you begin treatment, these feelings of guilt and despair should start to fade.
Don’t demand too much of yourself
If you have clinical depression or anxiety, it can be hard enough just to get out of bed and face the day. Be gentle with yourself, and take things one at a time.
Ask for support
Part of being a good mother is knowing when to ask for help, so don’t be afraid to ask for it during this difficult time. Let your partner know about different ways to help, whether it’s taking care of the baby, handling chores, or going with you to doctor appointments. Relatives or close friends may be able to help as well.
Share your feelings
Keep the lines of communication open with your partner and talk about what’s going on. Call a sympathetic friend. Join a mothers’ group or a PPD support group, or chat with moms about postpartum depression in the BabyCenter Community. You may be surprised by how many women are experiencing similar feelings.
Pamper yourself
Taking care of your physical self can sometimes help you feel better inside. Have your partner or a friend watch your baby so you can take a shower or a relaxing bath. Put on makeup if you usually wear it. Go on a shopping trip just for yourself and buy something new for your post-baby wardrobe. Wear a favorite outfit on especially difficult days to give yourself a boost.
Get some rest
The rigors of caring for a newborn 24/7 can leave you exhausted. Unfortunately, moms with postpartum mood conditions often can’t sleep when they want to. But it’s still important to take breaks to rest, even if you just read a magazine or watch TV. Taking 10-minute naps is helpful too. Consider hiring a postpartum doula or a sitter experienced with newborns, or asking a relative or friend to watch your baby for an hour or so each day.
Note: Always put your baby on a safe sleep surface (such as his crib or bassinet) before you settle down to rest. Nodding off with your baby in your arms while on a couch or adult bed is a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome and other types of sleep-related injuries and deaths.
Venture outdoors
Put your baby in a stroller and take a walk around the block, or meet a friend at a nearby café. The fresh air, sunshine, and conversation will do you and your baby a world of good. If even a brief excursion is too much for you right now, then just go outside, close your eyes and take a deep breath, or sit in the sunshine for a few minutes.
Slow down
Resist the temptation to do the laundry or other chores while your baby sleeps – the housework can wait. Have food delivered, or ask your partner to pick up takeout on the way home. Resist the urge to check your email or phone, and relax with a book and a cup of chamomile tea instead. If you’re on maternity leave, don’t stress about all the work waiting for you at the office – you’ll get back on track soon enough

As little as 10 minutes of child play can help reduce the risk of heart problems and diabetes 


A new study has found that as little as 10 minutes a day of high-intensity physical activity could help some children reduce their risk of developing heart problems and metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

Child play

The study analyzed data from 11,588 young people ages 4 to 18 who were included in 11 International Children’s Accelerometry Database studies in the United States, Brazil and European countries. The researchers focused on those records that included the child’s age, gender, level of physical activity and at least one biomarker, a measurable indicator of a medical state or condition, of a cardiometabolic risk.

These included weight circumference, systolic and diastolic blood pressure and bloodstream levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and insulin.

Vigorous play

In evaluating the relationships between the biomarkers and vigorous physical activity while controlling for various factors (including age, gender, duration and level of exercise and sedentary time) the researchers found only 32 significant associations out of a possible 360. All 32 were related to reduced waist circumference and insulin levels. The relationships between high-intensity exercise and the other biomarkers were inconsistent.

“The results suggest that substituting modest amounts of vigorous physical activity for longer-duration light exercise may have cardiometabolic benefits above and beyond those conveyed by moderate activity and the avoidance of sedentary behavior,” said lead author Justin B. Moore. “But as vigorous activity was independently associated with only two of the markers examined, it may be that its truly meaningful benefits may be limited, relative to less-intense exercise.”

Moore suggests that further studies incorporating additional variables, such as dietary and genetic data, are needed to better establish the relationships between various levels of exercise and cardiometabolic biomarkers in young people. “If such studies provide robust results,” he said, “a relatively brief but intense dose of physical activity, perhaps as little as 10 minutes day, which is certainly feasible for most youth, could turn out to be part of a ‘prescription’ for children to achieve or maintain cardiac and metabolic health.”

The study is published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.




Hello People out there. Am Martin Donaldson Daisy from Music Arena Gh. Music Arena Gh  is out with a new segment which we think is another way to let the world know more about our Uprising Artistes from Ghana and in another way to help Fans and Families  of these artistes to know them better and increase interaction between them.

Today I have with me in the studios One of Ghana’s Fast rising Artiste of our time. I call him ‘THE PRINCE OF HIGHLIFE’ because to me, He is Legend and should be celebrated. He is the hit maker of TRUE LOVE, POWER BOY, N’ADOM, MY BROTHER MY ENEMY, and many more. I would like you to have a feel of these songs by downloading them below;

  1. TRUE LOVE [Download]
  2. POWER BOY [Download]
  3. NEA OBRE N’ODIE [Download]
    MY BROTHER,MY ENEMY [Download]

SIKA PELLI is what he is popularly called in the music industry. Lol……. I don’t know how his folks call him though’……


MARTIN: Great having you with me

Sika Pelli Gh: Thank you Big Boy making it Big also…

MARTIN: Loool……Thanks.For me I know you to be Sika Pelli.  Who at all is Sika Pelli???

Sika Pelli Gh: Sika Pelli is a Ghanaian Afro Hilife Artiste. Real name is Psalmuel Quabena Ampadu Jr

MARTIN: Wow nice name you have….. Ampadu like the high life legend. No wonder you are good at it. Lol. How did you come by that name if I may ask??

Sika Pelli Gh: Anwomtofour Hene [Nana Ampadu] as his fans calls him is my Uncle. We all from Obo Kwahu [Eastern Region – GHANA ]. I was named After him

MARTIN: Wow…. Nice. So it’s like a family name??

Sika Pelli Gh: Yes Family name Martin

MARTIN: Oh okkk…. Why the name Sika Pelli then.  You could have used your real name. Why Sika Pelli???

Sika Pelli Gh: Yes I have all the rights to use my family name but when a beef comes up, people will use that to insult my family as a whole. So I decided to hide my family from my job and do my thing. Sika is also my maiden name. But Pelli is a nicky which means Wonderful.

MARTIN: Hahahahahahahahahh….. Are talking about beef because of the once we recently had or the on going beef between two mainstream artistes. Hehehe.

Sika Pelli Gh: Yes buddy! It may happen to me one way or the other nti ma y3 study [So I don’t want to joke with it] hehe.

MARTIN: Looooool. That very smart move there. Hahaha. Where were you born and where do you come from??

Sika Pelli Gh: I was born in Liberia Monrovia. Came to Ghana when I was 10 years. But am from Obo Kwahu [Eastern Part Of Ghana] But Mum is the from Danteng means I am An Ashanti Boy [Asante Nii].

MARTIN: Kai. Asu!!  Asante nii Abrante3[Asante Man]. I love that. Am actually an asante boy too.

Sika Pelli Gh: Number 1……… hehehe

MARTIN: Hehahahaha. Any educational background????

Sika Pelli Gh: Yes Boss! I attended Red Cross [Liberia] Kindergarten and then continued to Opinamang Primary School [Nkawkaw – Ghana]. I furthered unto Obo RC Preparatory School

(JHS) Obo then Nkawkaw Secondary School and finally Ashasi University Computer Science.

MARTIN: Really so you are a computer scientist???  How does it feel.What at all do you guys do??

Sika Pelli Gh: Very proud of it cos I love computers and computers always loves it when i touch them.

MARTIN: Wow. Amazing. You know I wanted to work in that field

Sika Pelli Gh: I repair computers, i teach I.C.T, I also do networking, etc. I use the computer for lot of things,I cant mention all. I’m even using it to play beat at home koraa hahaha.


MARTIN: Hahahahahahahahaha. Wow!! Spectacular.How did you get into the music business and for how long has it been??

Sika Pelli Gh: I got into the game when i was 6 years. I starting singing and playing drums using my hands on table tops hahahaha… When i got to age 10, i realised i couldn’t hold it on again… When am even on the street and i hear the radio playing any favorite song, i will stand there and sing it all word to word before i leave that center otherwise i will never walk on.

I quite remember when i heard my favorite song playing at one CD shops at Kumasi. I crossed the road faster even than the gods …..haha……all because i dont wanna loose that song without singing it. I was nearly knocked down by a car but it was all good. At the age of 15, i met Kesse Babe [another talented singer] at SSS [Nkawkaw Sec Sch] and mehn, there was when our talents unleashed. We rocked, plays and did even learn music together. That was how it all started.


MARTIN: Wow… Wow… Wow…. You almost got yourself killed just because of music. Hahahaha.

Sika Pelli Gh: That’s it buddy

MARTIN: Hahahaha.Thats very serious.What gener of music do you do??

Sika Pelli Gh: I’m all round Musician. I ride in every beat from Highlife to Afro Pop to Raggae to Dancehall to Hiplife to Zumbie just name them but “HIGHLIFE” is my true calling….. I was called by God to do Hilife for the broken hearted, I put salt and Sugar in peoples relationship through music. I am a Doctor yeah a Doctor cos i have been repairing some broken hearts through my crafts

MARTIN: Am speechless…. Was that a manifesto??  Amazing piece. It’s like am listening to poetry. Bro you are talented

Sika Pelli Gh: Hahahaha u made me Boss

MARTIN: Hahahaha. What are some of the challenges you face??

Sika Pelli Gh: Hmmmmm..  I think i will make it one statement. I need Listeners to listen to me when am singing period. A management team to sign will not be bad at all to promote my crafts.

MARTIN: What inspires you, how do u get your lyrics??

Sika Pelli Gh: Inspiration? Got it from life!,The way life treats me is the true reflection of my lyrics and music

MARTIN: OK… Good.  So it’s like how the life goes is how you get your lyrics??

Sika Pelli Gh: When love hits me well, i sing about it. When love fails me, i sing about it. When i dont have money, i sing about it.. Etc

MARTIN: What if a stone hits you??

Sika Pelli Gh: Hahahahah then that going to be Reggae then… Stone, Stone, Stone………hahaha

MARTIN: Hahahahahahahaha. How many artists have you worked with so far??

Sika Pelli Gh: Aaiisshh what a question… I will say a lot approximately 10

MARTIN: Loool…… 10??

Sika Pelli Gh: Yes man hahaha

MARTIN: That good… I hope there are more on the way

Sika Pelli Gh: Yes… Working with Amerado on a joint dubbed ‘U BORE ME’. Ghana should watch out for it. Afropop

MARTIN: Nice. Nice move. Can’t wait for that track myself. What do you want to achieve with your music??

Sika Pelli Gh: Soo dope trusts me hehe. I wanna rock the world like what MJ did b4 he died. Want my name to be every corner of the world.

MARTIN: Loool… That’s a great ambition. So who’s your favorite artiste??

Sika Pelli Gh: Favorite Artiste is DL [Daddy Lumba] locally. Internationally, R. Kelly, Usher & Chris Brown


MARTIN: Nice, nice what of the rest.. Heahaha

Sika Pelli Gh: Most of them are doing very well but i think if “delivery” than any other thing. I love the way they twist and turn on a beat

MARTIN: Lol….. Nice

MARTIN: Our time is far spent. Hahahahh…..What do you have to say to the new ones in the game

Sika Pelli Gh: They should look at and help we those who got the cross on our neck. Because we can’t light brighter without them. Especialy the Highlife Artistes Ghana should help bring us to the mainstream because they always say Highlife is dying but i tell you. Christ isn’t died so is Highlife because i am the Highlifa.

MARTIN: Hahahh……You always dropping deep lines as highlife artiste. You should rap oooo. In fact I learnt you rapped on one of your songs. How true is that??

Sika Pelli Gh: Oh yeah… But hey that was a try hehehe… I love hooking up with Dope Rappers for the rap gaps.

MARTIN: Hehehehehehe….. All right Sika Pelli we’ve come a long way to the end of today’s session. Your last words to your fans

Sika Pelli Gh: One of the best feelings one can have is the feeling that some people who have never met you in person have your back. I have experienced love from unimaginable people; Ghana, Liberia, Paris, UK, USA, London and all over the world. Some met me crying, gave me gifts, took pictures, asked questions, and some, not so pleasant. But in all of these, I have no complaint because being where I am is a gift and privilege by God. I am grateful to God, my friends & fans, and stakeholders in the industry who love me just the way I am. I want to take this time to say thank you to everyone who made the journey of 2016 easier despite the attendant challenges. I plan and hope that 2017 will be different from previous years. The jobs I will do will be slightly different from that of the past. I will take up more challenges. As always I am grateful. I wish you the best this year has to offer.

MARTIN: It’s Sika Pelli!!! Herh!!!!

Sika Pelli Gh: Hahahaha IRep80s

MARTIN: But wait ooo…. Say something little about Afrique Eye Records

Sika Pelli Gh: Afrique Eye Records is my record label. And with time, i will be signing some dope Rappers and Singer to grow the Record Label with them smoothly.

MARTIN: That’s I nice initiative. I wouldn’t have allowed you off if you hadn’t said anything about that.


MARTIN: Social media handles???

Sika Pelli Gh:

Facebook Page: Sika Pelli DHighlifa

Twitter: @SikaPelliGh

IG: @SikaPelliOfficial

WhatApp: 0249602650

MARTIN: Thanks for your time Bro.  It was nice having you with me

Sika Pelli Gh: I see that Small Boy Superstar

MARTIN: LOOOOL……. Thank you

Sika Pelli Gh: My pleasure. Thanks very much


Viola Davis Becomes First Black Actor to Win an Oscar, Emmy & Tony


Viola Davis won the best supporting actress Oscar Sunday night for her performance in Denzel

  • Washington’s “Fences.”
    “You know there’s one place where all the people with the greatest potential are gathered, and that’s the graveyard,” Davis began her acceptance speech with fervor. “People ask me all the time — What kind of stories do you want to tell? And I say, exhume those bodies. Exhume those stories.”
    She continued, “I became an artist and thank God I did because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.”
    The actress then began a long list of thanks with August Wilson, (“… who exhumed and exalted the ordinary people”) and Washington (“O captain, my captain… Thank you for putting two entities in the driver’s seat — August and God. They served you well.”).
    Voice cracking with emotion, Davis said
    “You make me proud to be an artist , ” she told Streep , her co- star in “Doubt .” “You make me feel that what I have in me — my body , my face, my age — is enough . ”
    At the Oscars , Davis also thanked her family , starting with her parents . “The people who taught me good or bad, how to fail, how to love, how to hold an award , how to lose : my parents, ” she said. ‘” I’ m so thankful that God chose you to bring me into this world. ” She also thanked her sisters and joked that she and her sister Deloris “were rich white women in the tea party games .”
    Before thanking the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences , Davis thanked her husband and daughter . “You teach me every day how to live, how to love, ” she said . “I’ m so glad that you are the foundation of my life.”

With the award, she became the first black actor to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony award. While Whoopi Goldberg also has an Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy to her name, her prize on Broadway was won for producing the musical “Thoroughly Modern Millie.”
Davis’ win was perhaps the evening’s safest bet, as Davis had dominated the precursor circuit, winning 20-plus critical honors, the Screen Actors Guild prize, the Golden Globe, the Critics’ Choice award and the British Academy award as well.
After a surprising loss for her performance in “The Help” five years ago, a narrative of Davis being due had no doubt coalesced.

But Davis’s performance was powerful and deserving regardless. After all, she already won a Tony Award for the same role, albeit in the lead category. She in fact becomes the second person in history to win a Tony and an Oscar for the same role but in different categories. The first was “The King and I” star Yul Brynner.

Simple ways of dealing with tension headache 


​Yesterday we got to know some common types of headache , and promised we continue from where we ended. So let’s begin with Causes of tension headaches


Tension headaches are caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck regions. A variety of foods, activities, and stressors can cause these types of contractions. Some people develop tension headaches after staring at a computer screen for a long time or after driving for long periods. Cold temperatures may also trigger a tension headache.
Other triggers for tension headaches include:

  • alcohol
  • eye strain
  • dry eyes
  • fatigue
  • smoking
  • a cold or flu
  • a sinus infection
  • caffeine
  • poor posture
  • emotional stress

How to treat a tension headache


Medications and home care
You can take over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications, such as ibuprofen or aspirin, to get rid of a tension headache. However, these should only be used occasionally. According to the Mayo Clinic, using OTC medications too much may lead to “overuse” or ”rebound” headaches. These types of headaches occur when you become so accustomed to a medication that you experience pain when the drugs wear off.
OTC drugs are sometimes not enough to treat recurring tension headaches. In such cases, your doctor may give you a prescription for medication, such as:




prescription-strength acetaminophen

If painkillers are not working, your doctor may prescribe a muscle relaxant, which is a medication that helps stop muscle contractions. Your doctor may also prescribe an antidepressant such as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). SSRIs can stabilize your brain’s levels of serotonin and can help you cope with stress.
Your doctor may also recommend other treatments, such as:

stress management classes to teach you ways to cope with stress and how to relieve tension

biofeedback, which is a relaxation technique that teaches you to manage pain and stress

cognitive behavioral therapy, which is talk therapy that helps you recognize situations that cause you stress, anxiety, and tension

acupuncture, which is an alternative therapy that may reduce stress and tension by applying fine needles to specific areas of your body

Some supplements may also help relieve tension headaches. However, since alternative remedies can interact with conventional medications, you should always discuss these with a doctor first.
According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), the following supplements may help prevent tension headaches:

coenzyme Q10



riboflavin (vitamin B-2)

Riboflavin (vitamin b2)

Other ways to ease a tension headache include:
applying a heating pad or ice pack to your head for five to 10 minutes several times a day

taking a hot bath or shower to relax tense muscles

improving your posture

taking frequent computer breaks to prevent eye strain
Preventing future tension headaches


Since tension headaches are often caused by specific triggers, identifying the factors that cause your headaches is one way to prevent future episodes.

A headache diary will help you determine the cause of your tension headaches. You can keep a record of your daily meals, beverages, and activities, as well as any situations that trigger stress. For each day that you have a tension headache, make a note of it. After several weeks or months, you may be able to make a connection. For example, if your journal shows that headaches occurred on days when you ate a particular food, this food may be your trigger.

Moniter your food plan

Coping with headache 

Migraines are tough, but you can learn ways to manage them. From medications, to alternative treatments, to new methods to ease stress and relax, try these tips to keep the pain at bay.

Follow your migraine treatment plan. Don’t take medications your doctor didn’t order.

Relieve emotional stress. Take time to unwind and step away from stressful situations. Learn skills that can calm you, like deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation.

Lower physical stress. Proper rest and sleep will help you relax and face a new day. If you sit for long stretches of time, get up and move around often. Relax your jaw, neck, and shoulders.

Exercise regularly. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week.

Exercise regularly

Tension headache (know more about headache)

Tension headache

Tension Headaches

To be honest headache is one of the many factors we are unproductive at work. Everybody suffers from headache at a point in time. There are different types of headache  but let’s talk about a few.


A tension headache is the most common type of headache. It can cause mild, moderate, or intense pain in your head, neck, and behind your eyes. Some patients say that a tension headache feels like a tight band around their forehead.

The majority of people who suffer from tension headaches have episodic headaches, which occur one or two times per month on average. However, tension headaches can also be chronic.



People with tension headaches commonly report these symptoms:

Episodic Tension Headaches (occur less than 15 days per month)


Pain is mild to moderate, constant band-like pain or pressure

Pain affects the front, top or sides of the head.

Pain usually begins gradually, and often occurs in the middle of the day

Pain may last from 30 minutes to several days



Chronic Tension Headaches (occur more than 15 days per month)


Pain may vary in intensity throughout the day, but the pain is almost always present

Pain comes and goes over a prolonged period of time

Associated Symptoms of Tension Headaches include:


Headache upon awakening

Difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep

Chronic fatigue


Disturbed concentration

Mild sensitivity to light or noise

General muscle aching

Tension headache


Tomorrow we would get to know what triggers tension headache, how to prevent it and effective remedies. Subscribe to our mail to recieve updates.


Thank you!

Add a touch of class to your living room


Add a touch of class to your living room


Furniture that gives modern twist to homes

Want to deck up your home with modern furniture? Opt for recliner or go for carpets and lights to make your abode look more modern, says an expert.

Want to deck up your home with modern furniture? Opt for recliner or go for carpets and lights to make your abode look more modern, says an expert.

Swarup, Designer at Furlenco, Furniture Rental company, has rolled out ideas on furniture that can add a modern twist to your homes.

* Recliner: This is perfect for a corner in your house where you can spend hours reading your favourite book or binge-watching TV shows. Go for a classy, sophisticated looking lounger which is made of superlative fabric and suits all weather conditions.




* Queen size bed: Night time is when it gets really chilly and you want to leave behind all your worries and enjoy a good night’s sleep curled up under a soft, comfy quilt. It is essential your mattress gives you a sense of tranquillity and a queen bed also promises maximum space; you can hoard extra fluffy pillow for a splendid good night’s rest.


* Patio furniture: Wooden furniture is perfect for the outdoors but needs to be taken care of, since the weather can be harsh on the wood, the best way to avoid the ill-effects is to use furniture covers to protect your patio furniture from the weather conditions or paint your furniture if you see any signs of chipping or peeling.


* Plush three-seater sofa: The seating arrangement should be such that people feel welcome the moment they walk into your home and should sink right into the comfort of your sofa.





* Lights and carpets: Lamps of different sizes and dim lights around the house can make you feel at home in an instant. Yellow lights tend to spread warmth around the house. The floor is likely to get cool during winters. Lay down huge, plush carpets to avoid stepping on the chilly floor as they will keep your feet warm and snug


Did you know buying more could make you generous and grateful?

Did you know buying more could make you generous and grateful?

Study reveals buying experiences make us more grateful, generous


The study found that thinking about a meaningful experiential purchase caused participants to behave more generously toward others than when they thought about a material purchase.

We feel more gratitude for what we have done than for what we posses – and that kind of gratitude results in more generous behaviour towards others, researchers including one of Indian-origin have found.