Lexie Carroll Sets The Year On Fire With New Single ‘Familiar Stranger’

Teenager Lexie Carroll, located in London, sings and writes on the delicacy of modern existence. Using her melancholy voice and acoustic guitar, Lexie creates vivid images in the minds of her listeners. The exquisite bittersweetness of her poems creates a sense of sorrow via their honest, sincere delicacy.

On Spotify, Lexie had over 86,000 plays of her song “Nearly Home” when she was only 14. Lexie is a self-taught artist who not only composes songs but also designs and develops the visuals for her music videos. Aside from their great visual sense, they also have an engaging narrative style that gives their work an extra layer of depth.


A song about letting go and getting over someone, a ‘familiar stranger’ finds Lexie resorting to indie pop to express stories inspired by life’s most delicate moments and emotions. An understated intensity of emotion from self-reflection comes through the lyrics of “familiar stranger” as Lexie struggles to retrieve “something that kind of operates like a living heart” from the depths of her adolescent fragility.

While visiting a funfair, Lexie meets a friendly balloon who helps her rediscover the simple joys of being alone with herself in the video’s lovely and heartwarming visual accompaniment.

Spotify’s New Music Friday has included Lexie’s most recent two songs. She’s also been selected as the face of ‘Fresh Finds,’ and her music has been featured on the playlists “Our Generation” and “Lost In The Woods.” Additionally, Lexie has received a lot of attention from BBC Introducing.

Speaking on the premise of the track, Lexie said,

familiar stranger’ is about having to see someone again who you used to date and wanting them to think you’re over it – you just want to be familiar strangers to each other so it doesn’t have to be awkward.

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