Lexie Carroll Drops Fresh Music Dubbed “If I Built My Home From Paper”

Lexie Carroll Drops Fresh Music Dubbed “If I Built My Home From Paper”

Remembering your fondest childhood memories and tales is one of the nicest sensations you can have as a teenager and Lexie Carroll sings about it.

The song is a sentimental song that features elements of classic children’s stories that kids would recognize, with Lexie’s innate talent for songwriting dreaming up happy and lovely pictures.

With each listens, the song’s words, music, realistic plot, and imagery become more meaningful and endearing, especially with the video it comes with.

Even if she tried, you could not be more flawless. The 17-year-old singer-songwriter is really talented and hopefully, she stays the same and becomes the best she can be.

Her dedication to music is really remarkable and her singing is amazing. “If I Built My Home From Paper” goes a long way to prove this and more.

The song comes along with a music video as Lexie does most of her music videos as well as artworks.

They give the London-based singer’s work another depth by having a strong appearance and engaging storyline.

Watch the video and listen to the song. Do well to follow her on Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, and Instagram.

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