“Let’s Get It On” With Jjacqz’s New Intimate Dark Damz Featured Single

“Let’s Get It On” With Jjacqz’s New Intimate Dark Damz Featured Single

The love noises on Jjacqz’s new single “Let’s Get It On” where she taps Dark Damz are very enticing.

The East-London Born poet is certain she wants this love to last forever, confessing in an almost dreamy way possible. The feeling seems so right!

Fostering the creation of pleasant sentiments of a relationship between herself and her potential mate, her piercing voice comes before all this altruism and her developing that closeness.

The finest part is where she uses both spoken word and written poetry to convey herself in the verses which feature her lovely voice and the chorus sang by Dark Damz. You’ll fall head over heels for that.

This new song expresses so much sensuality that it will keep couples together forever as her genre is a fusion of R&B music and spoken word poetry.

Jjacqz takes great delight in using wordplay and symbolism to provide her audience with a good overview.

She is a dedicated and enthusiastic music industry expert with the skills and motivation to achieve. You should listen to her often.

Enjoy the new single below and follow her on Tik Tok and Instagram.




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