Lera Lynn Shares ‘Something More Than Love’

The title track from Lera Lynn‘s new project Something More Than Love is now available.

Lynn’s music defies categorisation, drawing on influences as diverse as art pop, indie folk, and the fringes of American roots music to create a unique sound of her own.

She’s also a musician, playing the piano and singing. She writes songs. She’s a seasoned traveller, a true road warrior. She’s a multi-instrumentalist as well as a music producer and composer. A mother she is.

As a self-taught musician from Texas, Lynn is just as at home in the studio with her idols as she is in the studio with them. A few of the songs she co-wrote with T Bone Burnett and Rosanne Cash were used in an episode of HBO’s True Detective, and Lynn was cast to play herself in a dive bar scene.

Lynn, on the other hand, had no idea what she was in for when she became a mother. During the early months of the epidemic, she gave birth to her first child and started writing down her thoughts on the changing priorities, weird ends, and new beginnings she experienced.

She was suffering from postpartum depression on the inside. Out in the world, a more comprehensive picture started to take shape: a sense of connectivity, cyclical renewal, and the knowledge that every beginning is a conclusion and every conclusion is a start.

Something More Than Love is an album replete with synthesisers, sumptuous soundscapes, the pop-noir punch of Lynn’s vocals, and the most explosive melodies of her career.

For Lynn and Todd Lombardo (Donovan Woods/Kathleen Edwards), Something More Than Love was a way to explore the cyclical patterns that define our worldview.

They had first met a few years previously when Lynn had just moved to Nashville from her college town of Athens, Georgia, where she had launched her singing career.

Irreverent and universal, Something More Than Love touches on everything from love to the meaning of life. At first, it seems like a swooning, 80s-influenced synthpop song called “Illusion,” but it quickly turns into a strumming, reverb-drenched rocker with a catchy beat.

Deconstructed garage-rock anthem I’m Your Kamikaze, Lynn dedicates her life to her child’s well-being, and the song is strong on melody and rhythmic pulse.

While the album’s exquisite title track has slow-burning violins and a soaring chorus, What Is This Body? finds her reassessing her views of physical identity and gender.

With these songs, Lera Lynn creates a global album about the experiences that connect us all together: submitting oneself to the hardships and joys of parenting.

No, this is not only the tale of Lynn. Rebirth and death are the only constants in a life cycle that spirals in on itself like the serpent’s ouroboros. This is the account of one such cycle.

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