Leo Aram-Downs Out With “Like A Lantern, She Awakens”

Leo Aram-Downs is a skilled musician who is active in the fields of songwriting, production, and multi-instrumentalism. He is currently based in Brighton, in the United Kingdom. Since he began his career as a solo artist ten years ago, Leo has been independently releasing his own music. The music of Leo is influenced by a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from songwriters focused on acoustic instruments to composers of symphonic metal songs.

Because of his immersive talent, Leo Aram-Downs has been able to have himself included on BBC Radio shows hosted by Dermot O’Leary and Tom Robinson. This demonstrates that his ability is limitless. He has performed at shows that were organised by musicians like Chris Woods, Bill Laurance, and Pixie Lott, among others. Leo has also been quite active as a session player, having collaborated with a wide variety of musicians.

“Like A Lantern, She Awakens” is the name of the most recent single that Leo Aram-Downs has put out. The song tells the story of a jailbreak that takes place in a dream world while smoothly blending the musical styles of progressive rock, pop and metal. Singer-songwriter Leo puts it as imagining a video game or show along the lines of Fire Emblem or Game of Thrones. This is the mental image that Leo is attempting to conjure up.

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