le!ghton Is Out To Make A Statement With “Uhoh”

Le!ghton is a British singer-songwriter who is making a statement with her new single “Uhoh.” The song was inspired as she was simply browsing TikTok for videos to enjoy herself, most likely cat videos because who wouldn’t? She discovered a video of someone conducting a random word generator challenge, in which the individual was given three random words and had to create music with them.

Leighton then decided to give it a shot. She got the phrases gun, grandfather, and royal. These lines screamed mafia to her, so she decided to write a song about it. The song is essentially about a female mafia boss who is threatened by a man who appears to believe he can overthrow the female mafia boss and do a better job. However, it appears that the female mafia boss is not someone to mess with.

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Aside from the intriguing tale, “Uhoh” has a distinct sound and is the ideal summer anthem for everyone going through their ‘boss ass bitch’ phase. “Uhoh” is a powerful song that blends the influences of Cher, Alice Merton, and Adele with her husky, soulful vocals and pop sensibilities to create her trademark sound.

Listen to the song here:

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