Leen Speaks Her Truth On New Single “Way Too Loud”

Since women also tend to face more challenges in life, it is high time that society took a stand for them.

As a result, Leen uses this new song “Way Too Loud” as a platform to express her feelings where she says “The idea came from the desire to write something about how women were not allowed to speak as loud as men”.

The song, which is about a bad relationship and the courage to leave it behind, features an impressive blend of genuine voices and memorable synth tones and harmonies.

How she delivered the song reveals everything that needs to be known about her stance on this issue, and it’s clear that things won’t be resolved easily.

Subjects like this and her taste in music is so spot-on that it’s scary how perfectly the two work together.

This song is destined to be another radio and playlist hit for Leen in the coming weeks, presenting her successful sound to a whole new audience.

Leen aims her music to convey the gloomy side of human emotion because she has so many such ideas as a result of her life experiences.

Listen to the song below and get social with her on Facebook and Instagram.


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