Leanna Oki Tells Another Story Of Heartbreak And Healing Single ‘I Taught You How To Dream’

Independent musician Leanna Oki, who hails from the suburbs of Toronto, Canada, combines elements of soulful pop, R&B, and electronic music to produce a sound that is distinctive and compelling.

Her singing and songwriting have grown into her means of self-expression and therapy, providing a method for her to unload her unexplainable emotions and experiences. She found her outlet in music at an early age and has been doing so ever since.

Due to the fact that Leanna taught herself how to play the piano, guitar, and music production, she is nearly completely autonomous in the composition of her music until it nears the very last stages.

She achieves the trademark bold style that is uniquely her by using the powerful projection of her voice, hard-hitting basslines, and an abundance of vocal layers.

Leanna’s long-term goal is to establish herself as a successful female artist whose work is driven by a strong sense of passion and soul. Leanna’s voice has been likened to Phoebe Bridgers’ and Ruth B’s due to its depth and richness, yet she still manages to keep her own unique presence as a vocalist.

In her gloomy and ethereal new track, “I taught you how to dream” Leanna Oki relates yet another tale of emotional trauma and eventual recovery.

Using ricocheting percussion and ample vocal stacks to portray her very assertive sound, the powerful and gloomy single blends elements of pop and R&B.

This song is about an ex-lover who claims that before they were together, she never experienced dreams at night. A previous relationship inspired the song. After being kept in the shadows for an inordinately long time, this is Leanna’s way of coming into her own light.

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