LAWRN out with “Best Friend”


Featuring vocalist Andy, drummer Harm, and guitarist Ollie, LAWRN are a London-based alternative-pop band that formed in 2018. Their first EP, titled “Pretty Things,” was released this year. Andrew began the project by composing songs on the piano, and the group’s current style evolved from there, influenced by Andrew’s fondness for 1980s-era synthpop. When Andrew and Harm relocated to London, they reconnected and returned to their musical pursuits. 

Massive pop bands like the 1975, as well as the bluegrass piano tracks of Bruce Hornsby and the pop bands of the ’80s, are among their many musical inspirations. In spite of their very brief career, LAWRN have already performed at several notable events. They made their debut at St. Pancras Old Church, opening for Belle Mt. After that, they continued to do shows in favour of Superheart at venues such the Notting Hill Arts Club and the St. Pancras Old Church. On June 23rd, 2022, they will be performing as the featured act at the Notting Hill Arts Club as part of CloseUp Promo.


About The Release

“Best Friend” is the name of the latest song by LAWRN. The EP “Like Forever” concludes with “Best Friend,” the album’s fifth and final track. It’s about losing the person you cared about most in the world. This song, which alludes to “The Westside,” the EP’s opening tune, serves as a unifying theme for the collection’s five other tracks by illustrating how much has changed in the relationship since then. This song explores the pain of parting ways with a close friend in addition to a significant partner.


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