Laura Gomes Comes From A Place Of Hurt In “Her Not Me”

Laura Gomes is not the only person who has gone through a painful breakup; in fact, she has been there and done that.

She speaks about missing an ex-lover who has gone on with someone else in her new song “Her Not Me.”

The singer brilliantly conveys the complex range of feelings one has when witnessing an ex-new lover’s relationship while mourning the one that was.

Her singing is slow and full of emotion, letting you into her head and feeling what she’s feeling about this circumstance along with her.

The song’s vocals are really fascinating. While the song’s subject matter may be melancholy, her angelic voice has a calming and soothing effect.

The singer-songwriter, who is currently signed to Polarface Records, creates lyrical pop music in which she incorporates emotional sensitivity and sincerity into her voice and approach.

She has never gone wrong with any of her songs and this is certainly going to give you a great listening experience.

Listen to the song below and Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter.


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