Laura Carbone and The Underground Youth Release Their Second Single “Crying”

Laura Carbone and The Underground Youth Release Their Second Single, “Crying”

Laura Carbone and The Underground Youth Release Their Second Single “Crying”

Laura Carbone and The Underground Youth released the second single, “Crying.” With the emotional resonance of Carbone and The Underground Youth’s beautiful duet and the timeless heartache of Roy Orbison’s original songwriting, “Crying” is a bittersweet ode to the longing that encapsulates the moving beauty of the In Dreams EP.

Laura Carbone completed her successful debut US tour in March 2019, taking her and her band from NY to California to SXSW in Texas promoting her critically acclaimed 2nd album, “Empty Sea”. The Underground Youth was started in 2008 as the creative project of Craig Dyer. Since then the band have released 10 albums and 3 eps, slowly developing their unique sound, ranging from cinematic landscapes through to a raw and blistering style of post-punk. Over their decade long existence, The Underground Youth have developed a loyal global following and a cult fanbase, built by their extensive touring schedule through Europe, Asia and the USA. Signed to independent record label Fuzz Club since 2012, The Underground Youth currently consists of Craig (Vocals/Guitar), Olya Dyer (Drums), Max James (Bass) and Leonard Kaage (Guitar/Producer). The band relocated from Manchester to Berlin in 2016.

The songwriting of Orbison means a lot to Carbone and The Underground Youth. Amongst all of Roy’s songs, of choosing to cover “Crying,” Dyer says, “There have been few artists throughout history that have been able to summon the emotion and rawness of heartbreak in the power of vocal performance, Roy Orbison is an absolute master in the art. ‘Crying’ is perhaps one of the most perfect examples you could use to prove this. His voice is an instrument used with the skill of a virtuoso, and it’s in the ease with which this appears to be delivered that lies Roy Orbison’s genius use of his talent.”

The EP shines with its bittersweet blend of a reserved musical background that leaves space for Craig’s earthy voice and Laura’s soaring, ethereal vocals to connect, embrace and unravel again. The four Orbison songs here (“In Dreams,” “Love Hurts,” “Crying,” and “Lonely Wine”) were chosen to chart the age-old narrative of falling in and out of love and the deep longing for romance and connection we all feel.

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