Last Time I Went To Church Was In 1997 – Rex Omar


Last Time I Went To Church Was In 1997 – Rex Omar

After addressing issues concerning his old songs such as Abiba, Delay decided to delve a little into his spiritual life.

Legendary highlife musician, Rex Omar has revealed in his latest interview with Delay that he doesn’t go to church anymore.

When Delay questioned him on if he goes to church or not, the veteran musician vividly gave a negative answer.

According to Rex, God stays in him and adding to that, he argued “God is not religious”.

Last Time I Went To Church Was 1997 – Rex Omar
Rex Omar

“God is not a hypocrite. God is not religious. We are the ones who have created all of those things.”

He also indicated that, in the Bible, one of the major commandments is “Judge Not” and that, when you stop judging others, you stop judging yourself.

“What will make someone condemn another, if that person was in the other’s shoes, that person would have done worse”, he emphasized.

On whether he goes to church he disclosed that, church started in his house where they had a spiritual church with his grandma who was a prophetess.

“I was born into a Christian home and I also attended Assemblies of God but now, I don’t go to church anymore”, he stated.

Rex Omar said the last time he went to church was in 1997. Like wow wow wow, I feel like an ambulance already lol.

Last Time I Went To Church Was 1997 – Rex Omar
Rex Omar

As stated by him, his body is the temple of God and that’s where he stays, so he has a direct relationship with God and it’s enough for him.

Speaking on his reasons why he decided to take that path, he said going to church would have made him more of a hypocrite and a sinner.

“If you go to church, some people tend to be holy, but if you see some things they do, you feel like you can also do the same things.

It takes away your direct relationship with God. Many people go to church today because other people are going.

They are worshiping a God they don’t know. Right now, it’s not about worshiping God but seeking miracles and all that” he said.

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