Ladytron Unveil Haunting Video Thriller For New Single “City Of Angels”

Ladytron are an electronic band hailing mostly from the United Kingdom and was founded in Liverpool in the year 1999.

Helen Marnie (lead vocals, synthesisers), Mira Aroyo (vocals, synthesisers), Daniel Hunt (synths, guitar, vocals), and Reuben Wu make up the group. Mira Aroyo also contributes vocals and synthesisers (synthesizers).

The name of the band comes from the Roxy Music song “Ladytron,” which was released in 1979. They are the kind of band that really only appears in England, with this funny mixture of eccentric art school dicking around and dressing up, along with full awareness of what’s happening everywhere musically, which is sort of knitted together and woven into something quite new.

This band has full awareness of what’s happening everywhere musically, a full awareness of what’s happening everywhere musically, along with a full awareness of what happening everywhere musical

Their sound has been defined as “electronic pop” by Ladytron, while music writers have also described it as “synth-pop,” “electronic rock,” “post-punk,” and “new wave,” amongst other musical subgenres.

Aroyo has contributed lyrics to many of the band’s songs, some of which are sung in Bulgarian, her mother tongue.

While the music inverts sensual images into a picture of the future collapse of cultural memory, the video infuses these concepts into a stunningly frightening atmosphere. The first track “City Of Angels” from the forthcoming Time’s Arrow album was just debuted by the renowned synth trio Ladytron.

The brutalist home of architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha served as the setting for the filming of this choreographed musical thriller that was inspired by cult favourites Roeg and Argento.

The first song to be released from Ladytron’s next album, Time’s Arrow, “City of Angels” returns to the band’s themes and motifs of beauty, disposability, and fragility of the culture that surrounds us, as well as the ecstasy of liberating oneself from the structures that hold you captive.

Crystalline melodies encased in ice textures and rippling arpeggios are some of the elements that listeners may anticipate from this band’s characteristic electro-pop style. Shoegaze, disco, and industrial sounds will also be present.

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