Kyphose Latest Release – “Skies fall down”

Clearfield, California-based vocalist and producer Kyphose is known for his work in the electronic music industry. Music has always been one of Kyphose’s favorite things, particularly electronic music. From an early age, he experimented with a wide variety of instruments, but none of them struck a chord with him. Skating was the activity that occupied the most of his time throughout his youth and into his twenties. After devoting some time to the study of photography and photo editing, he now applies his acquired skills to use by creating cover artwork for his songs.

Kyphose Latest Release - "Skies fall down"
Kyphose Latest Release – “Skies fall down”

In 2019, Kyphose started his career as a music producer, eager to compose and produce his own distinctive style of music. Since then, he has published a number of tracks, each of which features original, engaging, and amusing stories that you won’t find anywhere else. Kyphose presents a novel form of electronic music that is certain to be enjoyable to the ears. 

Gryffin, San Holo, Illenium, and Porter Robinson are some of the artists who have influenced Kyphose. He is currently acquiring new skills and enhancing his capabilities by singing vocals for his own music, and his most recent release “Skies Fall Down” includes him as the primary vocalist in the song. Kyphose was the sole producer of the release “Skies Fall Down.” His wife was the inspiration for the song. She has been and continues to be his supporter for many years. Listen to this song and tell us what you think.


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