Kwame Truuth – The ReInvention Ep (Full Album)

Kwame Truuth - The ReInvention Ep


Kwame Truuth – The ReInvention Ep (Full Album)

This is the debut EP from KwaMe Truuth since he started his musical journey. It is in the hope that it will be impactful and helps let the world know his school of thought and what he intends to bring to the musical table. After having released a number of singles, he is ready to step up his game and contribute his quota.

The project title came about with Truuth’s desire to evolve and become a better artiste and as a person on the whole. To reinvent yourself to be you that has been destined to take time and
work and Truuth feels no exception to this, reason why it took some period to get to this point.

The experiences and knowledge gathered along the way has all helped shape and changed his perspective equipping him with the skills and mindset to plan, aim and execute with precision. This
also helped to take on some genres Truuth has never thought of doing. It touches on love, passion, faith and inspiration.

There are 6 songs on the EP. Different genres with different topics as Truuth try to touch on issues affecting the immediate community and the globe at large. Talking of hip hop, RnB, afro and here is someone who is a heavy hip hop head so it tells you he is really reinventing himself to touch all grounds…lol

ORIGINAL: This song talks about and seeks to celebrate the strong black African woman who in spite of all the struggles and pain coming her way doesn’t give up or change her ways to succumb to the norm of the day but stand tall and shine through them. And for that, their originality must be

IMAGINE: This is practically the life we living. Imagine someone doing something to hurt you after you just helped the person, not a very good feeling. Now just imagine how God feels when the
appreciation due Him is giving elsewhere…so this song came about as a call to remind people to always stay thankful in all situations. Know this, God loves you and would never steer you wrong.

GREATNESS: C’mon, what else can I say…lol. Truuth believes everyone was made for greatness, which will manifest at the right time. This song is some sort of a call to the people not to lose sight of this fact when the going gets tough but to hang on and pull through. The beautiful and amazing Myz Herty, a dancehall sensation, came through with the backing vocals for this project.

THE VOW: This is one dedicated for the special day of days when you decide to tie the knot with the king/queen of your heart. Truuth was inspired by his parents the union of one of his closest
friends who had one interesting and peculiar love story. Trust, it was pure heaven…Not the drink though lol. It was a blessing having Bigg Bone bless this joint which his sensational vocals.

LET IT SHINE: Seeking to encourage and uplift the people to be the best of them inspires this song. Just find the light God has put in you and let it light your way out of the dark into greatness.
This piece is also blessed with the backing vocals of Myz Herty.
SUPER LOVE: Feeling the fresh love of God every day in his life, when he knows he doesn’t deserve it, Truuth feels the need to share this amazing experience and invite everyone to come
to have a ‘taste’ of this incredible feeling. Come encounter this love and enjoy life to the fullest. This piece features the gorgeous Dede, an amazing singer/rapper/spoken word artist

This project has been blessed to experience 3 of the most talented young producers in the industry, the amazing APYA GH, SENYO CUE and IPAPPI. So incredible they sometimes make you feel like a disappointment on their beats :p… And they are super committed to bringing out the best in any artiste they work with. It indeed has been a true blessing to have encountered them.

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