Kumasi gets 4 Premium 3D Movie Cinemas


It’s been a while now since the Kumasi City mall was put up, there was a controversy between Accra recidents and Kumasi recidents on which Mall was best, arguably kumasi mall is best 😎 at least it’s my opinion.

There aren’t a lot of cinemas in Africa let alone Ghana, the most popular one we know is silver bird but that doesn’t come close the newly established 3D cinema in Kumasi Ghana inside Kumasi City Mall.

Called Watch & Dine Cinema, it is the first of its kind in West Africa and 13th on the list of highly rated cinemas around the world.

Wine and dine cinema
Wine and dine cinema

The cinemas are among a few in the world like AMC Dine-In (USA), Odeon Lounge (UK) and Nu Metro (SA).

The cinemas, which had been under construction for a while, will up the movie-going experience for residents by bringing the best of two worlds – a movie theatre and a restaurant – to patrons.

Housing four different movie halls, the halls are fitted with well-furnished seats and convertible wood dine cartridges that make the watching and dining experience worthwhile.

Wine and dine cinema
Wine and dine cinema seats

The Watch & Dine Cinema, according to owners, will bring superior sounds, richer imagery and a RealD 3D in all four halls.

According to the brains behind the Ghanaian owned cinema, ‘Watch & Dine Cinema’ will entertain movie lovers who wish to enjoy movies outside their homes and still grab some good food just as they could do in their home.

Wine and dine cinema
Wine and dine cinema

Again, they explain that, the aim of the ultra-modern state of the art edifice is to revive the cinema-going culture and give life to back to the movie industry which seems to have taken a nose dive.

Owners are yet to announce the date the cinemas will be opened to the public. With Black Panther in mind I hope the open soon.!!

Finally we hope this further improves the point gap between Kumasi and Accra Mall debate 😂😂😂

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