Kora Wants You To “Let Go” Of Your Worries And Uncertainty

Kora Wants You To “Let Go” Of Your Worries And Uncertainty

Fear and uncertainty get in the way of getting the good things in life because you are simply to beat yourself to it.

American singer, Kora has dished out this new chill pop song she calls “Let Go” where she seeks to highlight this and more.

The song examines the ups and downs of finding one’s position in the music industry and how to learn to get over your anxieties and self-doubt in order to prosper, making it easier to understand.

She does justice to the song with her distinct vocals and unarguably sweet melodies meant for your listening pleasure as the female singer-songwriter from LA specializes in Pop and EDM music.

Kora serves her purpose in these music scenes and it’s pretty obvious she is truly dedicated to her craft as a musician.

Her clear, sharp voice, poetry with a hint of lyrical depth, and enthusiasm for using music to express lived emotions enhance her music.

The singer says, “One of the biggest realizations that pushed me to begin creating on my own was that artists are simply human, and that everyone starts from somewhere. The very purpose of music is emotional fulfillment, capturing an aspect of the human experience, and painting it through songs”

The music pick was too perfect and sincerely, it perfectly captures the very personality of Kora. Listen to the song below and follow her on Tik Tok and Instagram.




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