Kofi Yacki – Demigod EP (Tales of The Last gOD)

Kofi Yacki – Demigod EP (Tales of The Last gOD)

Reverberating from Nsukwao, an area of Koforidua a.k.a Koftown a.k.a KofCity. Ghanaian rapper Kofi Yacki’s Demigod is a testament to a journey embodied by the vigorous hustle and the quest for an outlet to channel the pain. Inspired by street tales from Nsukwao and its environs, this is a worthy listen with well-curated guest appearances and excellent production.

The EP opens with the somber ‘ANGEL CALL’ track featuring Obodan as he questions the state of affairs of the have nots in society. Speaking to Kofi Yacki:

‘I want the listeners to get connected, when you listen to your inner spirit, that’s where the calling comes from. I’m from the ghetto, where the mentality is to seek external help but if one can unite with themselves, they can become great!

HANDLE IT is a call for the beautiful women to get on the dancefloor ‘just sugar my tea’ a tale of the good life that both sexes aspire. Next up is an uplifting anthem, the highly energetic title of the project ‘Demigod‘ his delivery on the saxophone laced beat is very reminiscent of the Westcoast rapper Yukmouth.

Kofi Yacki - Demigod EP (Tales of The Last gOD)
Kofi Yacki

The tension and aggression felt in the song is a culmination of stories of our history, our life, our existence, most people think slavery is the cause of our problems, we’ve forgotten our strength… and Demigod is unleashing the god in you, I feel like the knowledge of being half god and half human is just simple.

You don’t need anyone to tell you that you should make a change in your life if the possibilities are there for you to pick it up. You have to take chances because whatever you see yourself is who you become so you need to be the god of your life. SURVIVAL is a stellar combination of super talents Kofi Yacki, strong vocals of Seigo Black and versatile delivery of Blaq Nacha Ranks. This is a standout and my personal favorite on the project!‘.

AFRICA’ is a smashing collab with NipSwit and sounds like all of 2020 blaring through speakers, turn it up and celebrate your originality. Perhaps banking on The Year of Return? This is a call to the Motherland. An all-round superb effort from the illustrious Kofi Yacki.

Watch out for more work from this talented rapper!

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