Know More About Sunset + Mine And Their Latest ‘All My Hope’

In this week’s featured tune, the husband and wife synth-pop duo Sunset + Mine tells a heartwarming love tale.

Valerie and Rocco Repetski’s latest initiative, sunset + mine, explodes into the light. In their music, sunset + mine conveys a young exuberance that defies the ten years they’ve spent playing as a married couple.

Keep reading this article to learn more about this outstanding team.

What is your real name?
Valerie & Rocco Repetski

What’s your official Showbiz name?
sunset + mine

How did you get into music?
We’ve both always enjoyed music’s ability to speak to the heart and the raw emotion possible with a great song. Valerie got a guitar as a birthday gift from her uncle when she was in college and then began leading worship for the campus ministry.

Rocco learned piano when he was younger and then picked it back up while in college. Music actually helped bring us together as a couple – before we started dating, Rocco invited Valerie and a few friends over for jam sessions. One time, no one else showed up and Rocco stopped inviting anyone else but Valerie – the rest is history!

What field or genre are you in and how would you describe it?
sunset + mine tracks are joyful and hopeful. Some tracks such as our recent single “All My Hope” are powerful and uplifting, while others like our debut single “Honey Let’s Go” are light-hearted and carefree.

Sonically they have been described as a mixture of electropop and synthpop and tend to feature synths, guitars, and catchy beats. The common thread is that the messages are encouraging and inspiring with a positive vibe.

What was your first project and the people you worked with and which year?
We released our very first single “Honey Let’s Go” this January! Valerie and Rocco created songs as a team and then brought them to our amazing Los Angeles-based producer, Ian Charlie, who really brought them to life. Getting to work alongside such a seasoned professional was an absolute treat!

Know More About Sunset +Mine And Their Latest 'All My Hope'
Sunset +Mine

Who or what inspires you or motivates you? And why?
We’re inspired by our favourite artists and our faith. Amanda Cook is an amazing lyricist, writing from such a deep and vulnerable place and singing with tremendous passion. That’s what we long to do with our songs as well.

In our own marriage, it’s such a joy to get to love and serve each other – marriage is an amazing journey and we want to share that joy in our music! Finally, our faith plays a huge role in our everyday life and inevitably shines through our music. Knowing that in our musical craft we are exactly where God wants us to give us such peace and confidence.

It’s an incredible and awesome responsibility to move forward in putting our best effort into a song and trust that He’ll use these songs to bring people joy and hope!

Any models you look up to? With reason(s) why?
Our favourite artists would be LANY, Amanda Cook, Shallou, TAYA and Kygo. Their melodies and lyrics are next levels.

What are some of the challenges you face in your career path?
It definitely requires a lot of time and effort, especially at the beginning of launching a new project, to get music and songs in front of a lot of people. But that’s been a good thing! We love a challenge and have been really enjoying the task of sharing our songs with everyone we meet and making connections as we go.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?
The internet is such a powerful tool. From both the artist and listener side of things, it’s made music accessible to people all over the world. The fact that we’re doing this interview for a blog in Ghana as a couple from Washington, DC is a pretty amazing testament to how the internet has connected us and brought us all closer together.

Do you have any advice for aspiring songwriters?
Just keep writing and write from a place of honesty. Those are always the best songs. Nothing compares to shaping and forming a song from the initial lyrics on the page to the production of it, all the way to sharing it on release day.

It’s intimidating for sure but beyond rewarding. In our debut single “Honey Let’s Go” we had to strike a balance between making it completely personal to us and being relatable to more people.

In the end, we kept some pretty unique lyrics while hopefully putting a smile on the face of anyone who listens. However, if you choose to set that balance it has to be genuine and written from a place of honesty.


What is your current project about?
When we launched sunset + mine, we knew “All My Hope” would be central to the project. We wrote the song for dear friends who tragically lost their newborn baby girl and sang it at her memorial service. How do you deal with an unexpected, unexplainable loss? Where do you turn and how do you find comfort?

“All My Hope” is an anthem for someone who’s struggling with fear and loneliness… you’re not alone and there’s always hope, no matter what. The song is our favourite that we’ve written together because of its intimacy and powerful message of hope amidst despair.

The response to the song has been overwhelming – we’ve heard the lyrics sung out from the lungs of a little girl battling cancer and have heard how they’ve carried a friend through a breakup. It’s so inspiring to hear how God has been using this song to bring encouragement to those in pain and our hope is that it will help provide healing and reassurance to anyone who hears it.

What are your hobbies?
Travelling the world and going on adventures is for sure at the top of the list. There are just so many beautiful places to explore! We also enjoy playing board games together and finding the best deals at yard sales.

What do you do aside from this profession?
Valerie is a worship leader and Rocco is an engineer.

What is one message you would give to your fans?
Find joy every single day and savour the time that we’ve been given. Life is full of surprises and adventures if we would seek them out! Oh, and share that joy with each person you meet – the world is longing for authentic and loving people and we have the opportunity each day to brighten someone’s day!

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