Knii Lante – I Just Want To (Official Video)

Knii Lante - I Just Want To (Official Video)

Knii Lante – I Just Want To (Official Video)

It looks like the issue of love is something that comes naturally to Knii Lante. It strikes me how the love theme runs through almost all his songs.

Talk of “Baby Take Good Care”, “Baby be Mine”, “You”, “When You Love Someone” and “Humanity” which pays homage to frontline health workers. All his songs ooze with love.Then comes the latest one “I Just Want To”. It takes things to an even higher level.Listening to this song leaves one in a wonderland as to which musicians might have influenced the groove.

Although “I Just Want To” is essentially an Afrobeats jam, one can detect the smoothness of Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson or John Legend but topped with the 5-beat African rhythm.The soul of the music places the artiste in a dream world in which he sets his heart, mind and soul on a lady whom he would like to make a part of his world.

Get The Audio: Knii Lante – I Just Wanna (Produced by DatBeatgod)

To put it shortly, he is in love with her. This love is total and unconditional. The lovebird is smitten. He would do anything for her, even go and fetch water from the riverside and carry it to her so that he could be accepted as her lover. It appears that when he composed this song, Knii Lante might have been reminiscing about some era in the past when he was smitten by a lady.

One can imagine a couple sitting in a serene and half-lit corner of a restaurant or café while the guy pours his heart out. It is the kind of song a young guy would play to express his feelings to a lady when she visited. It would be enough to send the message and the beat would create the required mood to advance the conversation.

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