KLEN “The Pipers”

Hailing from Penryn, United Kingdom, Klen is a 4-piece rock band that understands the value of a good hook. Their latest release, “The Pipers,” is a flamboyant song that will get your head nodding along from the first beat. Klen’s sound has been described as a mix of classic rock, modern rock, and a little bit of edge. This is an apt description, as the band pulls from a variety of influences to create their own unique sound. The result is a record that is both fresh and familiar.
There is something for everyone on “The Pipers”. A soaring ode Based on the Merry Maidens and the Pipers of Boleigh legend. On the Sabbath, two pipers performed music for many happy maidens. For dancing on the Sabbath, the dancers were abruptly turned to stone. When they saw this, the pipers fled, only to be caught by the curse themselves soon after. “The Pipers” is the perfect example of what this band is capable of. Klen has a bright future ahead of them, and “The Pipers” is proof of that. Do yourself a favor and check out this record.
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