King Yobo to release new tune on friday 6th july


It is normal for a man to fall, but it is abnormal of him not to wake up, this simple phrase goes deeper than it sounds. Most people are called ”losers” because they once failed in their field’, failing has actually become the ultimate man stopper.

But according to King Yobo failing doesn’t really matter, what matters most is whether you choose to rise or not. You can become whatever whatever you want to be as long as you keep moving foward and working towards your goals.

Others are scared to accept who they are because they fear what others would say about them. Every individual fall short in one thing or the other, but what makes one great is accepting the fact you fall short.

King Yobo decided to put all this in one piece and and title it “It’s my life” which was produced by Wings Armani and he featured Martin Luther, surprised huh, I guess you would have to wait till Friday 6th July to enjoy it

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