King Ketelby James Recruits Nii Tackie On “Precious”

King Ketelby James Recruits Nii Tackie On “Precious”

Amazing Ghanaian musician, King Ketelby James is out with yet another one he calls “Precious” where he features his brother Nii Tackie.

King Ketelby James’ latest single, is sensual and sensuous, representing a relationship in which two individuals do their hardest to make one other feel unique. The teasing and almost competitive nature of their attempts to keep up with one other may get the better of them, but as they dance, they feel as if it’s just them and the world.

The R&B-influenced beat pays homage to some of the greats from the 1990s and 2000s, while his slow, husky delivery of the lyrics exudes soul.

That deep voice is like caramel and is swiftly becoming famous, especially when combined with Nii Tackie, a Ghanaian singer and composer who perfectly suits the ambiance and enhances the music even further.

As clubs reopen and dance floors fill, Precious will be the music to hear in autumn and winter. Even as the evenings grow shorter, “precious” blossoms, bringing with it a passionate attitude that is appropriate for this time of year. Listen to it below.

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