Kid Travis Shares Brand New Single ‘Let Me In’

Kid Travis is a musician from YouTube who is now publishing his songs because he believes that there is something in his lyrics that all of us can relate to.

Kid Travis is a musician, singer-songwriter, and producer who was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His hometown is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is skilled in a variety of instruments.

Kid Travis displays without a shadow of a doubt that he has developed and that he is very at ease merging a number of musical genres together. And he manages to do all of this with an astonishing lack of apparent effort; the parts of the jigsaw fall into place without any effort at all.

When Travis was just 16 years old, he started utilising his YouTube account to upload cover versions of some of the songs that had been his absolute favourites throughout his whole life.

When it comes to viewing, his previous films fared rather well, but as he graduated from high school, the numbers began to more than treble. He attributes this to the fact that he changed his approach to filmmaking.

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