Kia Rose Continues Her Musical Journey With “Drugs and Candy”

She once again demonstrates her remarkable ability to hold listeners rapt with simply her words and the song itself.

Many people will find the effect her new single “Drugs and Candy” produces interesting and impossible to live without, which is the impression she was going for.

At the time, she worked on the song with musicians Kayla Diamond and NOA, who she credits with making it more lovely and giving the music additional passion.

The song features an impressive blend of genuine voices and memorable synth tones and harmonies.

She transports us to heavenly locations, which stimulates us and makes us desire to appreciate her gift to its fullest extent.

Her work is characterized by a modern R&B/Pop aesthetic that is mixed with a strong jazz basis.

In addition to that, Kia performs as a guest guitarist and bassist with a fusion band located in Toronto in addition to other international and local bands.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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