Kelvyn Boy Gives A Subtle Reply To Bullet


Kelvyn Boy Gives A Subtle Reply To Bullet

We don’t know if we should be expecting another beef considering the look of things now.

In the past few days, there have been issues concerning Bullet, Wendy Shay and Kelvyn Boy.

Just after the whole snubbing issue went haywire on social media, the Rufftown Records boss Bullet threw certain jabs at Kelvyn Boy.

According to Bullet, some artistes have decided to beef with other artistes in order to trend and we know who he was referring to.

Bullet further stated that, being a ogee in this industry, he has never seen a male artiste beefing a female artiste because of awards.

In an Instragram post he wrote, “I am glad I was part of this historic we are preaching peace and uniting people,some artist hv started another beef just to trend.i have been young but now I am old and with my experience in this industry I have never seen a man beefing a woman all in the name of awards.happy Eid Mubarak#letpeacereign #wendyshay4eva

Kelvyn Boy Gives A Subtle Reply To Bullet
Kelvyn Boy

Kelvyn Boy in his first interview noted that  his actions weren’t intentional as speculated by many.

In his second interview with Accra based station Accra Fm has replied Bullet accordingly.

According to the Lai Lai crooner, awards and hit songs don’t make him who he is as Kelvyn Boy.

After being asked by the host whether fans did not vote for him, Kelvynboy replied “Let me tell you something, me Kelvynboy, it is not awards or hit songs that will make me.”

Because there are people that if you tell them to bring out one Kelvynboy song on their phone they can’t but if they are mentioning those with four and five hits, they mention my name also,” he added.

He jab both of them by saying “”She is the one who need awards more and hit songs to stay relevant, as for me I will come and sing and stay relevant.”

Kelvyn Boy also went on to indicate that he doesn’t have any pain or whatsoever concerning Wendy Shay’s win.

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