Kayden McCarthy Drops A Romantic Single Titled ‘Stars in Your Eyes’

Kayden McCarthy started his musical adventure in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he spent the larger part of his youth. McCarthy was born near the shore of New Jersey, but he spent most of his childhood there.

After relocating to central Illinois and then finally living in the city of Chicago, Kayden soon realised that music was obviously going to play a significant part in his life. Eventually, he settled in the city of Chicago. The music of the late 1990s rock ‘n’ roll, the early 2000s hip hop, and the music of today’s electro-pop served as influences.

Kayden incorporates characteristics that he acquired at an early age into his own distinctive sound. These characteristics may range anywhere from straying into soft house markets to finding solace behind his acoustic guitar.

The ability of Kayden to stretch together voices in a way similar to that of Harry Styles, mixed with his amazing enthusiasm for composition, makes him just as eager as anybody else for success in the music industry.

Like many others, Kayden started off playing music in his bedroom using Garage Band and a microphone that cost $100. It became clear very soon that this was going to be more than just a pastime, and he is now pitted against the most skilled individuals in the Chicago area.

Stars in Your Eyes is a silky, soulful, and energetic piece of music that is ideal for romantic situations and slow dances with your significant other. The song was written and performed by James Blunt.

During the verses, it has velvety vocal tones that are seductive, and during the choruses, it introduces a lead vocal that is forceful and performed in a ballad manner. This one is intended to evoke feelings of love and passion, much like Ed Sheeran’s “Dive” or a John Mayer classic.

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