Katja Glieson Pictures The “California Dream” In Brand New Song

Katja Glieson Pictures The “California Dream” In Brand New Song

Being able to paint pictures with words is a great skill and not everyone has that but Katja Glieson does this at ease.

“California Dream” continues Katja Glieson’s previous songs’ topics of sensitivity and sincerity regarding misconceptions and cultural pressures.

As usual, it comes along with a music video directed by herself that juxtaposes the dazzling ideal of the “California dream” with the actuality of making it in the spotlight.

There is a lot to see in this music video and a lot to listen to as well in this song because the Australian singer has always understood her task in each given song.

Glieson attributes the story to her personal journey of learning music and multimedia production, particularly after migrating from Australia to Los Angeles.

Katja Glieson grew up on Melbourne’s outskirts honing her writing skills from the bottom of her soul.

She is the reason music never dies and continues to present itself in more wonderful patterns than you can imagine.

As a true artist with a penchant for presenting stories that successfully portray her sentiments, she has committed herself to write lyrics to share her story of years of bullying, obesity, and abuse.

Get the song on all platforms here. Listen to the song and enjoy the music video as well. Follow her via @katjaglieson on Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok.



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