Katja Glieson Eulogizes Marilyn Monroe In A New Sultry Jazz Ballad “Starseed”

Katja-Angelique Glieson, commonly known simply as Katja Glieson, is an Australian actress who was born in Melbourne with that name.

Katja Glieson’s most recent single, “Starseed” along with the music video that accompanies it, “Diamonds” have both been released. In the innovative new song, which was inspired by the life of Marilyn Monroe, a woman becomes involved in an affair that ends up having devastating consequences for her.

Katja Glieson, who was born in Australia, first rose to prominence after participating as “Elsa” in the viral video series known as “Princess Rap Battles

Katja’s most recent singles, “Better View” and “California Dream” have both debuted at position number three on the Billboard Bubbling Under R&B Charts, respectively.

Fans from all over the world have, up to this point, reacted favourably to Katja’s candour and willingness to speak up about her own personal experiences with adversity, particularly with regard to abuse and poverty. She promises that she will bring an attitude of openness with her on her next trip to the United States and Australia.

Katja is in the difficult position of having to decide whether or not she should leave him, despite the fact that she is aware that she will never fully reciprocate her affections and that it is possible that they will never be together. Despite this, she is faced with the question of whether or not she should leave him.

Katja’s voice is the primary focus of “Star Seed” even though the song only has a limited number of instruments. The accompanying music video amplifies, even more, the depth of this love that is not returned to its recipient.

Katja’s boyfriend attempts to persuade her to give up a red diary that has all of the evidence she has against him. He is aware that she possesses this journal. During the heated argument, Katja’s love interest throws her to the ground and threatens her.

A heartbreaking tale of deadly romance that explores the conspiracies surrounding the death of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, the music video demonstrates Katja’s artistry fully realized and leaves the door open as to what she’ll do next to further her artistic creativity. “Starseed” and “Diamonds” have already won awards, including Best Song at LAFA.

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