Kate Schroder Endeavors To Inspire You On A “Monday”

Kate Schroder Endeavors To Inspire You On A “Monday”

Toronto-based singer, songwriter, and producer, Kate Schroder is here with this new inspirational song tagged “Monday”.

“Monday” is a song about winter. A song about being at rock bottom and never giving up hope of rising again.

In case you feel down and you want something to give you that upliftment, Kate surely got you covered with this new single.

Kate Schroder is a singer, songwriter, and producer located in Toronto. She’s worked on a slew of projects, fronted and played in a number of popular bands, and recorded music under a variety of names.

The duo ‘Hello Vice,’ whose 2021 EP Songs for Cats was lauded by ‘Dominionated’ as “one of the most eclectic ‘pop’ albums of the year so far,” is the most current of these aliases.

She resists genre classifications, allowing herself to make music in whichever manner she desires at any given time, ranging from electropop to alternative, grunge to EDM, R&B, and so on.

While most of today’s music appears to be exclusively concerned with the ‘brand’ of it, Kate is more interested in honing and presenting her voice (both artistic and auditory), and attempting to make the music that comes out of her as wonderful as possible, regardless of style.

In a roundabout way, she ends up with a brand that falls into her lap by accident: something along the lines of ‘eclectic alternative.’

She is a talented and well-trained vocalist who serves as the focal point of her songs. Her voice and words are equal parts raw, honest, and emotional, with Fiona Apple and Amy Winehouse as major influences.

The Ottawa Citizen dubbed her “one to watch” after her debut EP, “Suddenly,” and said, “She’s a powerful voice with some significant range and superb control… this is fantastic.”

Kate is now planning to release a series of singles, including music she’s written over the years and is really thrilled to share.

Growing up, relationships, mental health, self-awareness (and self-doubt), disillusionment, and hope are all themes that run through them.

Listen to Monday and don’t forget to follow her on social media via @kateschrodermusic on Facebook and @kaateface on Instagram.

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