Karen Harding Releases Covid-19 Inspired Single, ‘I Heard Somebody Talking’

Karen Harding Releases Covid-19 Inspired Single, 'I Heard Somebody Talking'

Karen Harding Releases Covid-19 Inspired Single, ‘I Heard Somebody Talking’

Following the success of her debut single, ‘I Didn’t Realise’, Australian emerging Singer/Songwriter,  Karen Harding is set to release her second single, ‘I Heard Somebody Talking’, on Friday 16th July 2021.  A single inspired by watching a news story about the Covid-19 anti-mask rallies.  

The release is also paired with the cover art, featuring an acrylic painting that Karen painted on canvas,  early into the Melbourne Covid-19 lockdowns. 

“The beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic was an emotive and scary time for everyone. I was sitting, watching the news about an anti-mask rally, when a man ran across the screen. I immediately sat down  at my piano and wrote a song about what I would have liked to say to this man.. how he would feel if his  decisions led to his family becoming unwell.” 

Mixed and mastered by producer, Joshua Hennessy of Pivotal Music Melbourne, the track represents the idea that the decisions we make lead to an outcome, whether that outcome is desired or not. It also  represents that as unique humans, we each perceive situations differently and as a result, may not all  agree on the actions that each of us take. 

Karen was raised, surrounded by the sounds of a plethora of classic and deep, emotive artists, such as  Leonard Cohen, Tracy Chapman, Bonnie Rait and Sarah McLaughlin, just to name a few, Karen always  had an incredible passion and love for everything music.  

She began to play the piano at the age of 6 and began formal singing lessons at the age of 14. At the  age of 21, Karen was in a cover duo, playing around Melbourne for many years. These gave her the  foundations which are the basis of her current musical Journey. 

“It wasn’t until Covid-19 began that I really had the space to see what was possible with my music. I had  the opportunity in lockdown, to speak with musicians and music industry experts through my platform,  Sounds On The Couch, and as a result, I am now honoured to be sharing my own music with the world.”

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