K Dough – I Love You (Prod By  Bobby Gentle) Official Lyrics

K’dough – ILOVEYOU

Dodododo o’ yeah
Ayee deedew

M’awuraba ee…
Dem adze n’ ereye me oye me de atsi
Me deye ee …
Dem adze n’ ereye me oye me fe ama (2x)

Make nobody lie to you
I fit fight for you
I fit die for you (2x)
You know say I love you
Yeah yeah yeah (2x)

[Verse 1]
Osobrokye now you for know oo
enobe say adey joke oo
Forgeti se mini foko
But am filthy rich in love oo..
Na Only you adey want oo
You dey kill me shy ooo
akonorba pene me ee
Mato wodo mu a gye me ee (2x)

[Repeat Hook]

[Verse 2]
Eye woara Woara woara oo
Eye woara Woara Woara oo
Menti woho gyae oh yeah.
Sweet Trisha nhw3 obi asa
Se Wotwe ma me a mewu ama wo
Wano ne kasa enti makoma
Obaayi ye ahuampemu ankasa

[Repeat Chorus & Hook]

Ayee Ruff Technology
Waidar ,
Can’t you feel that.

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