Juliet Varnedoe Jazz Band Releases New Single ‘Mon Cheri’

In the bayou areas of southeast Louisiana, singer-songwriter Juliet Varnedoe established her musical foundation surrounded by Cajun French, New Orleans jazz, and Acadian traditional tunes. She now lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

Mon Cheri is the first song from her first album Cajun Bleu, which features the Juliet Varnedoe Jazz Band. It is the first single released from the album. This is a compilation of eight original blues and jazz songs that include inspirations such as the vintage New Orleans swing of the King Oliver Creole Band, French chanson such as Blossom Dearie and Juliette Greco, and Serge Gainsborough’s cool electronic sound. Steeped in the American jazz heritage, she develops a unique Cajun French style of music that is uniquely hers.

Juliet’s calm, expressive tone is reminiscent of Melody Gardot’s nuance and the clarity of Stacey Kent’s clarity. She has been accompanied by some of the most renowned jazz musicians from the New York swing and cabaret scenes in recent years. She mixes her jazz voice with the soul of blues, demonstrating her abilities as a songwriter, singer, and arranger in live performances.

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