Julia Faulks Releases A Beautiful And Melodious EP Titled ‘Sweet Harmonies’

British singer-songwriter Julia Faulks tells us about the inspiration behind the release of her debut EP, Sweet Harmonies.

Produced by experienced producer and composer George McFarlane, with lyrics and vocals by Julia, the Sweet Harmonies EP features a mixture of ambient, soulful pop sounds. Here she explains what led her to make the leap into the world of music and what she is most looking forward to about performing live again.

Where are you from?
I live in Surrey now, but I am from Buckinghamshire originally. I grew up in a lovely little cottage in the middle of the woods. With no neighbours on either side, it was a bit spooky when you were there on your own, but great for parties and being loud!

How did you get into music?
I always loved singing, but it wasn’t until I got married that I decided to record a song for my husband-to-be. People seemed to like it, so it gave me the confidence to start having lessons and learning more about how to sing and perform.

A few years later I got myself into a recording studio to sing some covers, and that is where I started to think about writing my own material. It was only when the pandemic hit that I was motivated to finally go for it – I felt like I had nothing to lose, and I am so glad I did it.

What music is on your driving playlist?
I love any music that has some soul in it – whether that’s R&B or funk, and I also love mainstream dance music. Becky Hill, Sinead Harnett, Tori Kelly, and JP Cooper – are all very different artists, but I love them all depending on what mood I am in.

If I am taking it back to some classics, I have definitely been inspired by the likes of Eva Cassidy, George Michael, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, and of course the Beatles. When I am jamming with my guitar friends, I love trying anything and putting my own spin on it – that’s when you can really have some fun.

Julia Faulks Releases A Beautiful And Melodious EP Titled 'Sweet Harmonies'
Julia Faulks Releases A Beautiful And Melodious EP Titled ‘Sweet Harmonies’

Who or what inspires or motivates you?
For me it’s a few things – I am motivated by my late dad and what would have made him proud. As a film producer, he was such a creative man and always loved music, so he would have been really excited about me making this journey.

Every weekend on the way to my ice skating lessons as a kid he would make me listen to different styles – at the time it used to drive me mad, but it was because of that I learnt to appreciate many different artists.

I am also motivated by being a good role model for my own kids – that if you want to do something, you shouldn’t let that feeling of vulnerability or what others may think about you hold you back. I am generally quite a risk-averse person, so I am trying to step out of my comfort zone as much as I can.

What does your EP mean to you?
These songs tell stories of many of the thoughts that have gone around my head for many years now! I don’t think you can write music without bringing in your own personal experiences.

Yes, there may be some references to past relationships, but sometimes it is just more of a general feeling about regretting certain behaviours or wishing you had done something differently. This was a chance for me to get those thoughts down on paper and sing about them.

We recorded all of the tracks during the 2021 lockdowns, which as we all know was challenging for a variety of reasons. Singing was an amazing outlet for me away from home-schooling! Having something positive to focus on really helped me and when I was creating this music, it was like none of the bad stuff outside was happening.

I would say that my new EP offers a nostalgic nod back to the 90s, alongside some more contemporary sounds. There are some easy-listening tracks, along with some more toe-tapping sounds.

How did you meet your music partner?
I first met George when I visited the studio he works at to record some covers. Three years later, after releasing my first song Not Losing Sleep, George got in touch to ask if she would be interested in writing a song together.

One song turned into seven, with the release of the single Running Too Fast in 2021, followed by the title track single from the EP, Sweet Harmonies, in 2022.

When I first visited George’s studio, I was so nervous, but I will always remember how much he put me at ease. He taught me so much about music production in just a few sessions, playing me songs with basic chord progressions to show me how it doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

I always remembered his tips and encouragement, so when lockdown hit, I was inspired to finally start working on my own songs. I am so glad George got in touch to ask if we could work on some music together – our partnership gelled from day one, from coming up with the harmonies, to refining the mixes; it’s been such a great experience.

We are currently working on some fresh sounds and it felt like a good time to release the songs we worked on over the past couple of years – all recorded from my home studio during the lockdown.

My favourite is More Than Enough – with songs I think many girls will relate to. Understand is about someone famous – I will let the listeners guess who it is (although if you check out my social media I sing a live version of it and have dropped the name there).

What do you do aside from making music?
I trained as a journalist, specialising in digital copywriting. I still work as a content editor, and of course, that love of putting pen to paper has definitely helped me with my songwriting.

What are your hobbies?
I love walking in the countryside with our crazy dog. Other hobbies are working out in the gym – which of course involves singing whilst on the exercise bike! I am looking forward to doing some more performing, starting with a charity gig at a shopping centre this month and a showcase a couple of weeks later.

I have no idea how my nerves will hold up, as they are my first performances since Covid (and I haven’t done many in total), but I am really excited to see how it goes and if I can get through it without my knees shaking too much!

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