Jordan Jones Narrates His Ordeal In “Break My Heart”

Jordan Jones Narrates His Ordeal In “Break My Heart”

Canadian singer and songwriter, Jordan Jones is here with this new tune “Break My Heart” where he talks about his saddest moments in life.

This song is based on a true tale of my ten-year romance ending a month before our wedding. Break My Heart was created while he was dealing with despair, substance misuse, and suicidal thoughts as a result of a broken heart.

It is about overcoming a failed relationship and rebuilding one’s self and one way or the other you can perhaps relate to this.

For him, music has always been about making connections. There’s something special about hearing a song that seems as if it was written specifically for you. This is something he wants to share with his art admirers.

Although he was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, he has not always considered it to be my home.

He led an unusual nomad existence, traveling about a lot and looking for his purpose. In my travels, he has discovered that true connection with anyone who enters his reality provides him delight. His music is a reflection of the actual connections he has formed throughout his life.

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